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40368EDIT: Ibex Woolies Zip T-Neck IR - Pam Wyant

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  • tcoug7
    Jan 1, 2008
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      Hi Pam,

      Happy New Year! I hope your holiday time is going well. Very nice
      job on your report. Your HTML looks fine too. I found a couple of
      edits, nothing big.


      Initial Report - December 2007

      ##edit: I'm pretty sure you want a more specific date here Pam,
      like December 20, 2007

      The Woolies Zip T-Neck is a lightweight stetchy

      ##edit: stretchy


      ##Comment: my spell checker has it as "rib knit"; your call.

      The top is constructed with flatlock style seams, which allow the
      stitching to show on both the inside and outside, but result in a
      seam that is smooth on the inside as well as the outside. The
      shoulder areas have a gussetted

      ##edit: gusseted

      panel which tapers from about 3 in
      (7.5 cm) wide at the neck to about 6 in (15 cm) wide at the sleeve.
      This allows a good fit in the shoulder area and eliminates seams on
      top of the shoulder where they could irritate the skin when wearing a
      pack. The cuffs are a double layer of fabric extending up the sleeve
      about 3.5 in (7.5 cm). The shirt is otherwise simply constructed with
      a single seam at each side, and a single seam on the underside of the

      Photo - Shoulder detail

      The sleeves measure about 27 in (69 cm) from the top of the shoulder
      to the bottom of the cuff. The back of the shirt measures about 24
      in (61 cm) from the bottom of the collar to the hem. The shirt
      measures about 38 in (94 cm) around the bottom of the hem. A 1/2 x
      3/4 in (1 x 2 cm) off white tag on the bottom right side of the hem
      features the Ibex logo in dark purple. The tag continues onto the
      reverse side of the hem where it proclaims "It Just Feels Right."
      The neck has 'tag-free' labeling, with the manfacturer

      ##edit: manufacturer

      logo, name,
      size, country of manufacture (Fiji), and laundering instructions
      printed in creamy white directly on the fabric. The instructions are
      written in English only, and state to machine wash gentle in cold
      water with like colors, using a mild deteregent,

      ##edit: detergent

      and caution not to
      use bleach, to lay flat to dry, and use a cool iron if necessary.
      The typical international cleaning symbols are located under the
      written instructions, as well as the website URL of www.ibex.com.

      On the packaging the top comes in the following statement is
      made: "The lower the microns the finer the wool. Our award-winning,
      guide-approved Woolies are 18.5 micron Merio

      ##edit: Merino
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