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  • theMiddleSister@usaring.com
    Sep 7, 2007
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      Nice report. Only a couple of edits/comments and you are good to go.


      On these trips, I wore sneakers as it was warm (70 F/20 C and up) and dry
      and did not cover a lot of miles.
      Edit: This is very nit-picky, but you should add "(kilometers)" after

      I have worn and washed one set of the socks almost weekly.
      COMMENT: And the othe pair??? Are they walking around by themselves?

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      > Kathy-
      > I have finished my LTR on these socks (pending comments/corrections,
      > of course).
      > The URL for the entire report is here:
      > http://tinyurl.com/2bag8v
      > and the text of the LTR portion is pasted below.
      > Cheers,
      > -larry
      > ----------------------------------------
      > September 3, 2007
      > I have continued to wear my TOPO socks during a variety of
      > activities around town, including jogging, hiking, and a lot of
      > biking. I usually wear the socks by themselves, and I can report
      > that they have remained comfortable over the period of the test.
      > They have very good wicking function when worn by themselves, such
      > that my legs down to the sock line are sweaty, but my ankles and
      > feet are dry.
      > I have also worn them on 2 brief outings in central Ohio as liners
      > underneath wool hiking socks. On these trips, I wore sneakers as it
      > was warm (70 F/20 C and up) and dry and did not cover a lot of
      > miles. However, I would again report that the socks were quite
      > comfortable. They did not rub and wicked away any sweat/moisture. I
      > would also point out that even after working up a good sweat, the
      > socks did not have an unpleasant odor. I'm not sure if this is due
      > to any odor-resistance treatment, or if they keep the feet dry
      > enough to prevent odor build-up.
      > As the final test for the TOPO socks, I took 2 pairs as my major
      > socks for a 10-day canoe trip in Canada. The weather was warm for
      > the trip, between 75-90 F (24-32 C) during the day and only in the
      > 60's F (15-20 C) at night. The weather was mostly dry, although
      > there were 2-3 days of mild rain. As I had the 2 pairs to use, I
      > used 1 pair as my 'wet socks', meaning I wore them all day in the
      > canoe and in the water, and the second pair as my 'dry socks', which
      > I put on at night after getting off the water for the day. As we
      > only got in/out of the canoe while it was in the water, this meant
      > that the wet socks were truly worn wet for 8-10 hours per day, after
      > which I would line dry them overnight. If there was some sun and a
      > nice breeze in the evening, the wet socks would typically be dry in
      > the morning when I put them on. I won't comment on the dry socks
      > much, other than to reiterate that they made it through the trip
      > smelling like fairly clean socks. The wet socks, despite being used
      > in this fashion, retained their elasticity and comfort through the
      > trip. Although they were frequently in the water, I never felt my
      > feet getting cold or blisters from the wet socks. When I returned
      > home, both sets of socks were thrown in the washer-can you tell from
      > the photo below which were the wet socks and which the dry?
      > I couldn't really either, except for the fact that some of sole of
      > my boots rubbed off on the wet socks. (FYI, the 'wet socks' are on
      > the left)
      > Finally, let me just add a comment on durability. Over the period of
      > the test, I have worn and washed one set of the socks almost weekly.
      > I have not noticed a significant amount of pulling of the fibers or
      > of pilling of the fabric.
      > SUMMARY
      > Overall, I have found the TCK TOPO socks to be of high quality and
      > have gotten a lot of good use out of them. Although this concludes
      > the test of this item, I plan to use these socks as my primary
      > liners on future backpacking trips, and will continue to wear them
      > for my everyday athletic activities.
      > Things I liked about the TCK TOPO socks:
      > Elastic fabric holds shape very well
      > Arch support works to decrease foot fatigue.
      > Excellent wicking character
      > Good durability
      > Asymmetric marking facilitates keeping track of right vs. left sock
      > Things I disliked about the TCK TOPO socks:
      > No major complaints.
      > In retrospect, I'm not sure that green was a great color for me,
      > since I frequently wear them without oversocks.
      > This completes my test series on the TCK Slog Series TOPO socks. I
      > wish to thank again the Twin Cities Knitting company for providing
      > these socks for testing, and BackpackGearTest.org for allowing me to
      > participate in the evaluation of this product.
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