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3701OFFICIAL EDIT: FIELD REPORT - Hennessy Hammock SuperShelter -Jamie D

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  • Fuzzy
    Jun 1, 2005
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      Nice work. Just a few things below. Upload when ready.

      Fuzzy (Chuck Kime)
      SuperShelter Monitor
      It can either proved a peaceful, warm and cozy night of Zzzzz or it
      can be the purveyor of a torturous, seemingly never ending abyss of
      discomfort and restlessness.
      [EDIT] provide
      [Comment] well said

      Night # 8 – Jan. 22nd, 2005
      I new the temps would be pretty chilly so I changed my shelter
      strategy just a bit for this outing.
      [EDIT] knew

      I also have not had a chance to use the OverCover but do anticipate a
      few opportunities in fall and early winter before my Long Term Report
      is due in mid Dec.
      [Edit] I would spell out December

      Humidity, mist and light rain have not have an effect on the cover as
      far as I can tell.
      [EDIT] Either "have not had" (preferred) or "do not have"
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