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34531Re: General question on water treatment

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  • pamwyant
    Jun 1, 2007
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      I'm going to step in here too. I am surprised none of our water
      treatment gurus have spoke up. Nearly all chemical treatment methods
      may take up to 4 hours for protozoa/cysts, depending on water
      temperature and clarity. Read the back of Aqua Mira drops. I don't
      have any on hand, and can't find it readily on the website, but as I
      best recall it states it can take up to four hours for cysts. Read
      the labels of Iodine treatments. From the Potable Aqua
      website: "Potable Aqua is not effective against cryptosporidium

      Compare apples to apples. Potential long treatment time is one
      drawback of chemical methods.

      Pam Wyant
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