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32110EDIT: LTR Defeet Classico - Kevin H

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  • Roger Caffin
    Apr 1, 2007
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      EDIT: LTR Defeet Classico - Kevin H

      Hi Kevin
      Seems like plenty of testing. Good stuff.
      There are a few spelling errors and mix-ups between singular and plural
      which I have highlighted below in caps, but otherwise pretty good and you're
      OK to upload once you have fixed them.

      Roger Caffin
      Classic(o) Monitor
      > The Defeet Classico socks has impressed my over the course of the
      EDIT: 'The Defeet Classico socks haVE impressed mE over the ...'

      > I initially had worries about the socks feeling so thin. But
      > the socks have been quite durable.
      Edit: better to join the two sentences imho

      > It was machined dried approximately 25 times.
      EDIT: THEY were machine(x) dried

      > The colors remained intact and did not fad,
      EDIT: fadE

      > although there seemed to be a slight darkening of the white area
      >on the cuff.
      Yeah, I get that too. Dirt, I suspect :-)

      > around the cuff, no piling or visible holes.
      EDIT: pilLing
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