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  • Ralph Ditton
    Mar 30, 2007
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      Thanks for the feedback Jim.

      That vestibule has me in a state of confusion. I did look at the tent to see
      where a clip-on vestibule could be attached and I failed to see any anchor
      points. Maybe I am just missing the wood for the trees. If you find where a
      vestibule can clip-on let me know and I will do the necessary amendment.

      Horror: I did boo boo with the material for the stuff sack. It is silnylon.

      I feel that there will be a love/hate relationship with the erection of this
      tent. If there was a video of me trying to pitch it, it would have to be a
      silent movie and the sight would not be pretty, mainly my backside sticking
      out feeding tent poles into a supposedly yawning doorway that is a tad




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      I really want to see a video of that initial setup attempt! ; )

      A couple of comments from a fellow OneShot tester for you to consider:

      vestibule: BD offers optional, separate vestibules for its Superlight tent
      series. I noted the same comment regarding the optional clip-on vestibule
      the OneShot on the web site, but there is none offered as of yet that I've
      found. The awnings are not intended to be a vestibule. If the OneShot has
      fitted for a clip-on vestibule, you will find small loops sewn in at the
      underside joint seam of the front awning every foot or so. I've been meaning
      check this on mine, but I keep forgetting.

      epic sack: The stuff sacks are made of silnylon, not epic, unless you
      received something different. In fact, I think epic would be a better
      choice, as it
      would allow a went tent to dry while packed (my main complaint against the
      silnylon sacks).

      Erecting suggestion: I've been using the Lighthouse for a couple of years
      now, which is essentially just a larger version of the OneShot. I find it
      unneccessary to put the poles in the grommets until the tent is up. As you
      they like to pop out until they are under tension. About half the time, the
      poles seem to find the grommet by chance. I just get the poles into the
      re-enforcement and setup like that. I do not bother with the hook & loop
      bits until all the poles are in position. I set up the tent in under 5
      and find it very relaxing.

      Although, there was that time on Assateague Island when I was trying to rush

      the setup in a losing attempt to escape a pair of particularly aggressive
      green flies (the ones with large, dripping, poison fangs three times their
      weight). In my haste, I failed to properly seat one of the pole joints and
      just as I was about to seat the last pole end and scream "DIE, FOUL WINGED
      BEASTS!", the pole launched clean out of the tent, dropping the tent body to
      ground and leaving me fully exposed to those gleefully vicious predators. It

      was a sad, sad scene complete with gnashing of teeth (theirs) and much
      whining, whimpering and thrashing about (mine).

      ; )

      Jim S.

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