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32072EDIT: REVISED: TED--IR for DeLorme PN-20 GOS

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  • becki_s19
    Mar 30, 2007
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      EDIT: REVISED: TED--IR for DeLorme PN-20 GOS


      Very thorough! I looked to see if you mentioned whether the GPS had
      a feature to prevent accidental power-up (on my old Magellan Meridian
      gold I have to press 'enter' within a few secnds after hitting the
      power button) but didn't see it mentioned. Something like this might
      be useful to know, but if I missed where you wrote it let me know....

      Just a few spelling errors ans a couple of minor things, and you're
      good to upload. Going through your report, I wondered if you somehow
      told spellcheck that "labelled" really was a word (I've managed to do
      the same quite often when running spellcheck, and now my computer
      probably is nearly as bad at spelling as I am!)

      -Becki S

      N.B. The IPX-7 standard is defined as "Protected against heavy seas –
      **edit: I think NB was supposed to be part of formatting?

      Stated dimensions: 5.25" x 2.43" x 1.5" (13 cm x 6 cm x 4 cm)
      **Comment: with the precision given to the hundredths for inches,
      going to the tenths with the cm would probably be equivalent accuracy.

      N.B. The measured weights are subject to the approximately .2 oz (6
      g) tolerance of my scale.
      **edit: ditto on the NB

      Screen size, stated: 176 x 220 [pixels] daylight-readable TFT
      [i.e. "thin film transistor liquid crystal display"]
      Screen dimensions, measured: 1.7" x 1.4" (44 x 35 mm)
      Comment: it might be best to stick with cm, since you use it for the
      dimension of the whole unit.

      As with most electronic devices, the DeLorme warranty is a bit more
      limited than that for most outdoors gear. although in line with
      **edit: capitalize, please.

      The functions of the buttons are described here. There is, rather
      surprisingly, no diagram of the front and back of the case, but as
      the buttons on the unit are generally labelled or
      **edit: labeled

      otherwise fairly obvious, this may have been deemed unnecessary.
      although if I were a beginning user, I might consider this a
      shortcoming. A labeled
      **edit: labeled

      The GPS has a pre-programmed world highway base map (I'm using
      DeLorme's designations for the various map types here). This is
      hardwired into the unit, and provides only the most basic data. Shown
      are major cities, coastal outlines, and main roads. For the US, only
      Interstates are labelled
      **Edit: labeled

      This means that when I'm stationary, examining the map, if I turn to
      face a feature in the landscape, the pointer will not move, as my
      change in orientation can't be calculated from the received GPS
      satellite data. If I walk a short distance in the direction of the
      **edit: landscape

      Find page
      This may if enabled in Setup) be reached
      **edit: delete parentheses, or is it supposed to be (Setup)??

      Waypoints Page
      As with the Find page, this can be reached by "leafing through" using
      the Page button, but is most quickly available via the Make Waypoint
      button. A wide selection of waypoint symbols is available, and the
      waypoint can be labelled
      **edit: lebeled

      On the Panther Mountain excursion, the elevation at the summit was
      read as 3712 ft (1131 m), taken using the waypoint averaging feature,
      and this was an excellent match to the known highest contorur of 3720
      **edit: contour

      I am very impressed by the PN-20's ability to pull in satellites in
      just about any position. It seems that antenna technology must have
      improved a lot recently, to judge by this! I did not have to to
      resort to rotating the GPS in the direction of a
      edit: delete extra to
      cluster of satellites, or holding it overhead so my body doesn't
      block reception, commonplace manoeuvres for most users of older GPS
      **edit: maneuvers
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