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29262REVISED APPLICATION: to test Coast Revolution Headlamp - Wayne

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  • Wayne Mery
    Feb 1 12:31 AM
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      A cut and paste error in the original application with the heading
      referring to the Black Diamond Mesa Tent! :-[
      All other details remain the same.

      Please accept my application to test the Coast Revolution Headlamp. I have
      read the BackpackGearTest Bylaws, version 0609, including Chapter 4, 5
      and 6 and appendices. I agree to comply with all requirements including
      the minimum (5) nights. My BGT agreement has been received and is on
      file with BGT.

      Biographical details:
      Name: Wayne Merry
      Age: 34
      Gender: Male
      Height: 1.8 m (5' 10")
      Weight: 95 kg (211 lb)
      Email address: wayne_merry@... (replace user with yahoo)
      City, State, Country: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      Backpacking Background:
      I started backpacking four and half years ago, although I did day walks
      in childhood. I hike in various terrain from moderate/hard track walks
      to some off track (including river walks). I generally like the
      temperature to stay at least above -5 C (23 F). I enjoy going on multi
      day walks including multi week adventures. I carry a moderate weight
      pack to enjoy a few creature comforts at camp and use tents as shelter.

      Field Information:
      I walk a moderate amount. I would normally do at least 2 overnight or
      multi-day walks every three months, in addition to a number of 20 km (12
      mile) or so day walks. I generally walk in groups, but sometimes walk solo.

      During the test period I have the following overnight or longer walks

      Early March:
      Dargo River - Eastern Victoria, 3 nights off track/in a river, elevation
      around 200 m (650 feet) to 1500 m (4900 feet), with temps from 10 C (50
      F) up to 35 C (86 F). Humidity will tend to be low, but could vary
      widely. There is a moderate chance of rain during the walk. The Dargo
      drains from near Mt Hotham southwards towards the Gippsland lakes. A
      good amount of time in this walk will be spent walking along the river
      bed (in the water). Opportunities for getting fully wet abound. The plan
      is only up to waist high. On these types of walks, not all things go as
      planned.... Due to fires in this region in the last few months, this
      walk may be replaced with another walk at the same time.

      Tumut River - Jagungal. Snowy Mountains New South Wales, 4 nights off
      track, elevation around 1000 m (3300 feet) to 2000 m (6600 feet), with
      temps from 5 C (41 F) to 20 C (68 F). There is a moderate chance of rain
      on this walk, with some chance of snow. For more information about the
      Jagungal area, refer to the wikipedia entry at:

      Mid/Late April:
      The VMTC 100km 24 hour challenge. This walk will take place over 24
      hours in a location that I am yet to find out about. This walk is
      arranged by the VMTC every two years as some kind of sadistic dare to
      see how far someone can endure hiking. I'll see if I can do the full 100km.

      Early June:
      Wyperfeld National Park. Northwestern Victoria, 3 nights on/off track,
      elevation around 50 m (160 feet) to 100 m (330 feet). Humidity is
      expected to be low to medium with a moderate chance of rain on this
      walk. Wyperfeld is a mallee scrub/woodland area in the Wimmera region of
      western/northwestern Victoria. For more information see the Wikipedia
      entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wyperfeld_National_Park

      Mid June:
      Wilsons Promontory National Park: 3 nights on track, elevation from sea
      level to 400 m (1300 feet). Humidity expected to be medium with a strong
      chance of rain on this walk. Wilson's prom is the most southern point of
      mainland Australia. It consists of rocky mountains with large amounts of
      scrub and forest. This walk will be the traditional southern circuit
      including Roaring Meg, South Point, the lighthouse, Waterloo Bay and
      Sealers Cove.

      This list is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all overnight or
      longer walked planned during the test period. Depending on when the test
      period starts, other walks planned for mid July or later may also be

      Test Plan:

      I will test the claims made by the manufacturer. My test will feature
      use of the Revolution during late autumn/fall and winter in the southern
      Australian environment. Some walks may be long enough that I will
      require walking under torchlight into camp which should provide a good
      robust test environment.

      Light levels and performance:
      The usable light definition of the manufacturer describes quite dark
      conditions. What kind of life would I obtain from the batteries
      throughout the test. How soon does the light begin to fade? Is the light
      fade gradual, or is it quite sudden towards end of test? I will use both
      my perception, and also record light levels using a SLR camera by
      recording shutter times given lighting by the Cosmo. This will be done
      at various intervals throughout the test in order to show how light
      levels change throughout battery life. How many hours use do I get from
      the Revolution from one set of batteries. The web site shows a battery
      pack which would go at the back of the head. Is this supplied or are 3
      AAA batteries installed in the lamp itself? Can I see the beam at 3000
      feet (this is quite a claim!) Is the LED strong enough for navigation,
      especially given that the head lamp does not have a Xenon or equivalent
      lamp installed? Do batteries slowly discharge while the Revolution is
      not being used?

      Is it easy to use the dimming switch to control illumination levels?
      Does the behavior of the button change throughout the test? How
      comfortable does the elastic head strap feel? Does the strap stretch
      over time? Does it "dig in" behind the ears. Does the unit feel good
      against the skin while wearing it? How does it feel after an hour or two
      of wearing? Can I hang the Revolution easily inside my tent? Does the
      pivot mechanism become less taunt over time? Does the Revolution become
      affected by any water spray? Is it affected by wearing in the rain - as
      headlamps tend to stick out of my raincoat hood? Is it going to feel
      less stable due to the lack of a third strap going over the top of the head?

      Any other material matter related to the Revolution that arises during
      the test will also be included in the test reports.

      Currently monitoring tests:

      Current tests in progress:

      Completed tests:
      Flatword Orikaso Solo Set (November 2006)

      SealLine Storm Sack (November 2006)

      Currently also applying for:
      OR Element Bucket (please note that this test has been deferred until
      spring this year).
      Eureka! Wabakimi Tent
      Black Diamond Mesa Tent
      Black Diamond One Shot Tent

      Recent Owner Reviews:
      Roman Ultra Lite Trek Sleeping Bag; http://tinyurl.com/y7n4ot

      Coleman Exponent Feather 442 Stove;

      Other Owner Reviews written:
      MSR SideWinder Tent

      My reports and reviews can be found at;

      Please note that due to the recent birth of Simon, I did not apply for
      any tests from July through December last year, but now things are
      settling back down, I'm getting back into it.

      Thank you for your consideration.