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29260Application - Big Agnes Bags - Coy Starnes

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  • Coy
    Jan 31, 2007
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      Application: Big Agnes Lost Ranger

      Applicant: Coy Starnes
      Gender: Male
      Age: 44
      Weight 236 lb. (107 kg.)
      Height 6 ft. (1.83 m.)
      E-Mail: starnescr@... (starnescr at yahoo dot com)
      Location: Northeast Alabama (Grant)

      Other information relavant to this test application. The regular is
      shown to fit individuals up to 5'10" the Long up to 6'6". I am 6'0"
      so I will need the Long Version. I have no preferance in left or
      right zip though I am more familar with using a left zip.

      I have read the latest version (v. 0609) of the Survival Guide,
      especially chapters 4, 5, and 6 and I agree to abide by all rules and
      requirements set forth. My signed Tester Agreement is on file with
      BGT. I will meet the minimum nights required (5).

      Brief Bio: I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy hiking, backpacking,
      hunting, canoeing, caving, and spending as much time outdoors as
      possible. I live in northeast Alabama where I do most of my
      backpacking and hiking. I hike solo and with friends and family. I go
      hiking throughout the year but sometimes wimp out of actually
      backpacking in midsummer when the heat and humidity make the trail

      My style is slow and steady. My shelter of choice is a hammock and I
      cook with an alcohol stove or wood stove. I have made great strides
      in becoming a lightweight backpacker but I still choose gear with an
      eye towards comfort and durability. My pack weight is around 25 lb
      (11 kg) for most summer 2 and 3 day trips. However, in the winter my
      pack weight climbs considerably, not only in weight but in bulk as

      I would be pleased to help BGT in testing the Big Agnes Lost Ranger
      sleeping bag. And while I like ultralight equipment, a 650 fill down
      bag is nothing to sneeze at. I am very curious as to how the Big
      Agnes works with a pad in the pad sleeve instead of having the
      insulation go all the way around the bag like more traditional bags

      Test Plan:
      In looking over the specs of this bag it looks like a solid 3 season
      bag which would suit my needs for spring and fall trips and a lot of
      my winter trips. It would also work well for cooler summer trips in
      the higher elevations along the southern end of the AT.

      I am also a big guy and I prefer, a little wiggle room in a bag. The
      Lost Ranger is a rectangular bag and advertises that it is rommier
      (than a mummy) in the foot and shoulder area. However I don't want
      so much room that the bag is too heavy or has trouble keeping me warm
      due to the excess space. I find a tight bag can be frustrating to
      zip and it also keeps me from bending my knees or turning on my side
      inside the bag. A tight bag tries to turn with me which is not
      always desirable. The Lost Ranger looks like a good fit for my size.

      This bag is rated to 15 F. While this may seem a little warm for a
      southern boy, at one time I actually used a 20 F (7 C) bag as my only
      bag. I have used a 0 F bag in 35 F weather without excessive
      sweating. I was cozy which made for a good nights rest. I do expect
      it will be a little more bag than I need for some of the testing
      period but this will give me an oppertunity to test the varcitility
      of this bag. One last comment on the temperature rating. I find
      that I need a slightly warmer bag in my hammocks than when in a

      If chosen to test the Lost ranger I will give it a good workout. In
      my Initial Report I wll measure and weigh the bag and give a good
      description of the construction of and features on the bag. For the
      Field and Long Term Reports I will document my field use and how the
      bag performes. I will report on how warm it keeps me and how well I
      am able to toss and turn in it. I will report on any flaws I find
      but heap praisies on the good points. I will report on how well it
      stuffs into its stuff sack. I will report on how well it retains its
      loft throughout the test period. I will note any problems that may
      arise and will follow the manufactures care instructions if I need to
      wash the bag.

      If chosen to test the Lost Ranger I will use it in a varity of
      shelters. I will use it in my hammock and in a tent and possibly in
      shelters. Regardless, I will use it on the the ground for several
      nights. I really do like my hammocks but I just recently purchaced a
      Big Agnes Insulated Air Core pad and have used it 2 nights on the
      ground so far. All I can say is, the Air core pad has me considering
      applying for a tent down the road. The test calls for the tents out
      now have plenty of good apps so I will wait and see on that one. The
      pad I bought is the rectangular 20 x 72 which is the regular length
      (it was the one on sale) but I will add my sit pad to the foot end of
      the Lost Ranger if I need it. The Insulated Air Core pad is rated for
      15 F just like the Lost Ranger. I Think it makes sence to match the
      bag to a pad rated the same.

      I will add that I just bought a used touring bike (the kind you
      peddle) and am looking forward to getting out for some short trips on
      my bike. I have alresdy been training for it. My ultimate goal is
      to also loose weight to help my knees out when hiking. I will
      include any camping data I do with the bike. These night will be in
      addition to the 5 nights I will do while hiking.

      Proposed testing locations and conditions
      I will be testing in the southeaster US with trips into the local
      mountains of Tn, Ga, and NC along with plenty of testing in the woods
      around my home. Elevations will generally be less than 4000 ft. It
      is snowing as I type this application but this is really a rare event
      in my neck of the woods. I generally see lots of cold weather but
      usually on clear nights. Anyways, a full spectrum of temperatures
      should be encountered. I will be testing it on at least 5 overnight
      hikes. During the anticipated testing time frame the low temperatures
      should be in the 20's F (7 C) early on and warmer as the test

      Here are 2 examples of some of my reports.

      Princeton Tec Yukon HL Long Term Report

      or http://tinyurl.com/6d8hs

      Gregory Z-Pack Field Report

      or http://tinyurl.com/2wp2v

      All my reviews may be found here.


      I am currently testing 4 items and awaiting another (it has been a
      long wait so far so it may not materailze). No other apps
      fielded at this time.

      I am currently testing 4 items and awaiting another. No other apps
      fielded at this time.

      1. OR M's Skye Pants (awaiting delivery)

      2. Princeton tec Quad headlamp (LRT due April 17)

      3. GoLite Xirtam Jacket now in FR stage (LTR due March 6)

      4. Patagonia Down Sweater (FR due Feb 13)

      5. OR M's Sequence LS Tee (FR due Feb 19)

      Thanks for considering this application
      Coy Boy
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