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27801EDIT: LONG-TERM REPORT - Zyflex Thermal Shirt and Pants

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  • Jennifer
    Jan 5, 2007
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      EDIT: LONG-TERM REPORT - Zyflex Thermal Shirt and Pants


      I have one edit/comment for your below. Everything else looks good.
      All your links appear to be working correctly, etc.

      Jennifer P
      Zyflex monitor

      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Priest
      <apriest@...> wrote:
      > G'day
      > Please find my Long-term Report on the Zyflex
      > Thermal Shirt and Pants below and the HTML copy
      > at
      > Thanks
      > Andrew Priest
      > Zyflex thermal shirt and pants
      > Long-term Report
      > September 26, 2006
      > Authored by
      > Andrew Priest
      > Perth, Western Australia, Australia
      > aushiker@...

      > The following is a summary of my Field testing findings.
      > I concluded in my Field report that I the shirt
      > and pants as effective as other thermals I have
      > worn. I find I am sleeping no hotter than I have
      > with other thermals and the Osage bag nor am I
      > sleeping colder.
      ####Comment - Could you add more details about the Osage bag? It
      would be great if you linked to your test report folder. But I think,
      at minimum, it would be nice to know the Manufacturer's name. It
      sounded familiar to me because I have a faint memory of the test, but
      a general reader might not have any idea what this bag is and how to
      find more information about it. Lastly, this might be a nitpick
      (please don't be mad), but I think part of the reason why I was
      confused initially is because you say "the" Osage bag. I think "my"
      Osage bag makes it more clear that you're just talking about the
      sleeping bag you use.

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