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27608LONG-TERM REPORT - Zyflex Thermal Shirt and Pants

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  • Andrew Priest
    Jan 1, 2007
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      Please find my Long-term Report on the Zyflex
      Thermal Shirt and Pants below and the HTML copy

      Andrew Priest

      Zyflex thermal shirt and pants
      Long-term Report
      September 26, 2006

      Authored by
      Andrew Priest
      Perth, Western Australia, Australia


      * Product Details and Specifications
      *Tester's Details
      +Personal Biography
      +Testing Playground
      +Testing Environment
      * Long-term Report

      Andrew, the tester:

      I am a 46 year old male, 180 cm (5' 11") in
      height, I weigh 111 kg (245 lb). I have been
      bushwalking in Western Australia for
      approximately five years. For the past four years
      I have been regularly walking and leading on and
      off-track pack carries with the Perth Bushwalkers
      Club. I have also got into geocaching. I consider
      myself as moving towards being a lightweight
      tent-carrying bushwalker with my pack base weight
      in the 8 to 12 kg (18 to 26 lb) range. I have
      completed my End to End of the Bibbulmun Track
      (2003), the Cape to Cape Track (Nov 2001), the
      Coastal Plains Walk Track (numerous times), the
      Larapinta Trail (July 2005) and Fitzgerald River National Park (April 2006).

      I am a regular wearer of thermals on my bushwalks
      finding that I tend to feel the cold more when I
      am out in the bush. The thermals I am familiar
      with have a different material mix than the
      Zyflex's being tested, with the thermals I wear
      being of a polypropylene material.

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      Andrew's testing playground:

      The bushwalking environment of the south-west of
      Western Australia allows for bushwalks and
      backpacking from coastal plains to forest.
      Elevation ranges from 0 to 585 metres (0 to 1,920
      feet). Within this region, I walk in varying
      conditions from forestry roads, to sandy tracks
      to single-purpose walking trails, to rock
      hopping, to beach walking to completely off-track
      walking through open and dense country.

      The testing environment:

      During the summer period, daytime temperatures
      average 30° C (86° F), whereas from March through
      to December the daytime average temperatures
      range from 15° C to 26° C (59° F to 79° F).
      During the autumn, winter, and spring periods the
      normal weather pattern is fairly wet with
      frequent heavy rainstorms evident. It does not
      normally snow in Western Australia.

      According to The Times Atlas of the World
      (Concise Edition - Revised 1997) our weather is
      described as being "Mediterranean - rainy
      climates with mild winters, coolest month (July)
      above 0° C (32° F), but below 18° C (64° F);
      warmest month (February) above 10° C (50° F)."
      The atlas depicts the coastal area north of Los
      Angeles as having the same climate.

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      Product Details:

      The 2006 Zyflex Thermal Shirt and Pants where
      manufactured by Zyflex. Zyflex describe the
      Thermal Shirt as a mid or base layer designed to
      provide warmth for any winter activity, whereas
      the Thermal Pants are a base layer "designed to
      provide maximum insulation during the winter months."


      Thermal Shirt (Size XXL):
      *Manufacturer's weight: 198 g (7 oz). Size not stated.
      *My weight: 266 g (9.4 oz)

      Thermal Pants (Size XL):
      *Manufacturer's weight: 187 g (6.6 oz). Size not stated.
      *My weight: 195 g (6.8 oz)

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      Long-term Report

      The Long-term Report should be read
      in-conjunction with my Initial Report which
      provides more details on the Zyflex Thermal Shirt
      and Pants and my Field Report which reports on the first two months of testing.

      Due to aborted bushwalking trips in August and
      September 2006 it was not possible to continue
      testing the Zyflex Thermal Shirt and Pants as
      originally planned. Therefore I can not add any
      test data to what I have already reported in my Field Report.

      The following is a summary of my Field testing findings.

      I concluded in my Field report that I the shirt
      and pants as effective as other thermals I have
      worn. I find I am sleeping no hotter than I have
      with other thermals and the Osage bag nor am I
      sleeping colder. Similarly my around camp wear is
      pretty much the same as previous layering combinations.

      In respect of comfort, I have no complaints. The
      material does not irritate me and it is not
      scratchy. The pants in particular fit well and
      are comfortable. The shirt is a touch tight but
      this is more my problem than the shirt.

      After every trip I have washed the thermals in my
      front loading washing machine as per the
      instructions and hung them out to dry on the
      clothes line. There does not appear to be any
      adverse effect from the washing nor for that
      matter does it feel like the material has
      softened. The white pants, which I thought my
      quickly discolour, seem to be handling the dirt
      of camp okay with the dirt easily washing out. In
      other words the thermals recover from use quite
      well indeed. One thing I have noticed is that the
      pants appear to take longer to dry than the
      shirt. Not a big issue but something I have noted.

      Summarising my experience with the thermals: Things I like:
      * Both the pants and the shirt work effectively at keeping me warm;
      * Both the pants and the shirt are comfortable
      to wear, i.e., no scratching or irritation;
      * The pants and the shirt have handle washing
      well with camp dirt coming out of the white pants in particular very well;
      * No signs of wear;
      * The fly. Great on early morning zipper runs.

      Things I dislike:
      * Shirt is a touch tight. Would like a looser cut.

      My thanks to Zyflex and BackpackGearTest.org for
      the opportunity to participate in this test.
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