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22814RE: [backpackgeartesters] re Edit: LTR - GoLite Whim Pants - Roger Caffin

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  • Ralph Ditton
    Aug 28, 2006
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      And the "Z" is pronounced "zed", not the Sesame Street Show "zee"
      My two cents worth. <g>

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      > Welcome back. Gotta love it when snow turns to rain. It can really
      > throw a wrench into winter trips.
      Well, true, but we sure got to test out a lot of gear that way!
      In fact, we were fine, warm and reasonably dry, and could have stayed out
      more days. We didn't because the snow was so
      crappy and we had covered the worthwhile terrain. The rest was grass.

      > ***However, I will emphasise that the design of the Pants
      > EDIT: emphasize
      I'm going to claim Australian spelling here. We often use 'ise' where
      Americans use 'ize'.

      Cheers and thanks
      Roger Caffin

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