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20888Re: [backpackgeartesters] Double Rainbow: Worth a newbie applying?

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  • Mike Lipay
    Jul 3 8:20 AM
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      Even though you *may* (not will) be rejected this early on, the
      experience of writing the app will help tremendously in the future.
      Also, depending on the demographic desires of the manufacturer, you
      may be on of the three testers who meets their requirements.


      On Jul 3, 2006, at 9:25 AM, drewnc2005 wrote:

      > Hey all you experienced testers:
      > I am just wondering if it is even worth putting together an
      > application to test a product such as the Double Rainbow given that I
      > have not completed a single test yet. I have read through other's apps
      > and see that most are experienced testers having completed between 5-
      > 10 items (at least), currently testing other items, and are either
      > mentors, editors, or in some other way involved with BGT. While I am
      > not an experienced tester in the sense of writing reports, etc., I am
      > an experienced tester in terms of actually using gear, knowing what I
      > like and don't like, and actually backpacking quite a bit.
      > I would love to apply and put the time in if I knew I had a real
      > chance. But, on the other hand, if items like this are given to those
      > who are more involved with the site, (and I know this sounds lazy) I
      > don't really want to put in the time.
      > Let me know your thoughts...
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