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19780EDIT: FR : KlearWater Water Treatment - Pam

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  • Alex Tweedly
    May 31, 2006
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      EDIT: FR : KlearWater Water Treatment - Pam

      Only one missed word (or need for rewording) to change. I liked the
      clear photos

      pamwyant wrote:

      >Or: http://tinyurl.com/puqkh
      >I found a few spelling errors after posting the HTML version, which
      >are corrected in this Yahoo posting and my original file to be
      >uploaded to the permanent folder, but which still remain in the
      >version in the test folder. My apologies for that.
      I think it would have been worth re-posting to the test folder; a few
      times I "found" errors and had to go double check, so it was extra work
      - but no big deal.

      >My pack weight 37 lb (17 kg) at the
      >beginning of my trip when I had some heavier clothing with me, and
      >33 lb (15 kg) after resupply, when I sent home a couple of
      >insulating garments and carried a bit less food.
      edit: My pack weight [was] 37 .... missing "was" or similar ?

      > Even
      >with the 15 minute treatment time, I could be drinking water faster
      >than if I used the filter set-up due to the ease of use of
      >KlearWater. In fact, KlearWater was so convenient, I ended up
      >treating water several times along the way for my friends who had
      >planned on using a filter, so we could make our water stops shorter
      >and they could be drinking water faster!
      comment: if this wasn't BGT, and I wasn't not allowed to be picky, I'd
      say they were drinking water "sooner", not "faster" :-)

      Alex Tweedly http://www.tweedly.net

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