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1475EDIT: LTR for Hot Chillys - Roger Caffin

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  • David
    Apr 5 5:55 PM
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      Great, thorough report as usual, sorry to hear about the rashes. I
      meant to post about it earlier, but was this only a problem when worn
      several times between washings? I don't get rashes, but I definitely
      get irritated skin when I wear thermals for an extended period (lots
      of oil and sweat)...

      Just a couple minor corrections are all I found, and it's ready for
      upload to bgt.org:

      >Long Report - Hot Chillys Geo Thermals

      EDIT: Long Report --> Long Term Report

      >Review Date: 27-Nov-2004

      EDIT: update to April xx

      > Warmth
      > My <http:www>Field Report went into how much of a temperature
      difference the

      EDIT: same in the html version, don't forget to put in the correct link

      > * Waist region
      > The waist band on the trousers worked fine.The tops were quite long

      EDIT: fine.The --> fine. The

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