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1360REVISED: LTR for Hot Chillys - Roger Caffin

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  • Roger Caffin
    Apr 1, 2005
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      Jerry wrote

      > Looks good to me. I would have preferred that in the Preamble you would
      > said (edit in caps) "However, over the long term I discovered a
      > health problem FOR ME which seemed to be directly linked to my wearing of
      > this clothing. This is discussed below."
      > As it stands, it is projecting a bit but not that big a deal if you want
      > keep it the way it is.
      > Thanks for the edit, Roger.

      It shall be done.
      Editor David: please note that the words 'for me' as requestered will be
      I haven't posted again as the edit is so small.

      Roger Caffin
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