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  • Clifford Haynes
    Nov 22, 2005
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      I haven't been able to get on line for the last couple of days and now that I am online things are wicked slow. I have a copy posted to the Test Folder and hopefully this copy will get out sometime tonight.

      Z2 Terreno Sandal

      Long Term Report
      November 20, 2005

      Personal Stats:

      Name: Clifford R. Haynes
      Age: 56
      Height: 5' 11" (180 cm)
      Weight: 300 pounds (136 Kg)
      Shoe Size: Men's 12
      Email: chaynes@...
      Location: Western Maine

      Backpacking Background:
      I am from and live in Maine. I have been hiking, backpacking, and canoe camping for over 45 years. I average 2 to 3 days a week in the woods year round.

      I can't really say that I have a backpacking style. I take what I need or want, depending upon what I plan to do on the outing. Even before my knees became a problem, I could never see being in a big rush. It is my opinion that camping is part of backpacking and should be enjoyed at least as much as the hiking. In areas where there is a lot of hiker traffic, I tend to pack heavier in order to minimize impact. I just like being out in the woods and exploring.

      Product Information:

      Manufacturer: Chaco
      Web Page URL: http://www.chacousa.com/
      Year Manufactured: 2005
      Sole Type: Vibram Terreno
      MSRP: $95.00

      Men's Medium-Width Chaco Z2 Terreno Sandals Provided For Test:

      Listed Weight (Web Site): Not Available
      Weight as Delivered (Men's Medium size 12): 38.6 oz (1.09 kg)

      Men's Wide-Width Chaco Z2 Terreno Sandals Purchased To Complete Test:

      Listed Weight (Web Site): Not Available
      Weight as Delivered (Men's Wide size 12): 42.7 oz (1.21 Kg)

      Z2 Sandal Features:*
      *per Chaco Web site, shoe box and information sheet and personal observation

      a.. Accepted by the "American Podiatric Medical Association"
      b.. Multiple sole choices are available.
      Colorado: A low profile, lighter weight Vibram outer sole that sheds dirt and debris easily, recommender for wet sandy environment.
      Terreno: A deeper lugged Vibram outer sole that provides durability, cushion and traction on loose uneven surfaces, recommended for hiking and travel.
      Aqua Stealth: An "Ultra-sticky MARKING" outer sole that adheres to wet rocks and slick surfaces, recommended for avid climbers, paddlers and canyoneers.
      c.. Worn Chaco Z2 sandals can be resoled, provided the footbed is not cracked or damaged.
      d.. The Chaco Z2's polyester straps (webbing) and buckles can replaced if they are damaged.
      e.. Sculpted heel risers provide rear foot stability and greater heel stability. (The sides of the Z2's footbed are raised and support the sides of the heel).
      f.. The molded polyurethane footbeds are durable and retain their resilience after years of hard use.
      g.. Chaco Biocentric footbeds are available in two widths providing all day comfort and preventing over-pronation.
      h.. The Z2's polyester straps are adjusted with a single buckle closure (one on each sandal) which adjusts easily, and will not wear out or clog with sand.
      i.. The soft polyester webbing dries faster than nylon and maintains a constant fit in all conditions.
      j.. The Chaco Z2's polyester webbing loops around the big toe minimizing "sandal toe flip-flop".
      Long Term Report:

      Since posting the Field Report, I continued to wear the Chaco Z2 Terreno sandals as my primary foot wear until the about first of November. I have been very happy with the Chaco Z2 sandals. They are very comfortable and the Vibram soles provided what I consider to be excellent traction on the trail. By the middle of August, I was confident enough in my ability to hike in the Chaco Z2 Terreno sandals and didn't see a need to bring my boots or trail runners on most outings.

      The wide Chaco scandals fit my feet really well. My feet became quickly accustom to the sculpted heel risers. I feel that the sculpted heel risers help keep the sandals properly positioned under my feet and reduce foot fatigue. Often prior to this test at the end of a day of walking or hiking my heals would be very sore. I haven't experience this problem while wearing the Chaco sandals with the sculpted heel risers. At the beginning of the test, I was concerned that the sculpted heal risers might retain sand or mud, I have not experienced any discomfort from mud or sand build up between my heals and the sandals footbed.

      I have not had any problems with the Chaco original pull-through strap system. The strap channels have not loaded up with mud and sand to the point the straps jammed, and even after many miles of use the straps are still tight enough in the channels to stay properly adjusted. Even after a couple of hours slogging around on clam flats looking for my supper, the thick gooey mud rinsed right off with just a quick slosh in the water before getting in the kayak and paddling back to my campsite. The polyester straps seem to dry quickly and don't stretch when wet or shrink as they dry. They have remained soft, pliable and are still comfortable against my skin. I am especially pleased with the Z2's buckles. They have proven to be very reliable and I have not had any problem with the slipping or breaking.

      Since I spent a lot of time in the water this summer in the Chaco Z2 Terreno sandals, I refrained from washing them to see if smell would become an issue. It was my experience that all that was necessary to control smell issues was to simply wear them when I waded brooks on the trail and allow them to thoroughly dry out when I got home. Prior to writing this report I washed the Chaco Z2 Terreno sandals in order to inspecting them for wear. In my opinion they exhibit very little wear given that I have worn them every day. The straps appear to be the same as they were when they were new. They are not frayed and the only broken thread (stitching) I can find can was broken when I bought the sandals. The buckles are still tight and stay adjusted. The only apparent wear on the Vibram soles is very slight amount of wear on the rear edge of each heal. The footbeds do not exhibit any wear other than polishing of the surface of the footbeds where the front of me feet and the pads of my toes make contact. Over all I am very impressed with the durability of the Chaco Z2 Terreno sandals.

      Field Information:

      I was fortunate this summer to have even more time than usual to hike, backpack, and kayak. Almost every week I was able to get out for three or four nights backpacking or kayaking and managed to get in two 5 day and one 8 day backpacking outing on the Appellation Trail here in Maine.

      Testing was conducted while walking about town, kayaking (sit on top), hiking, gold panning, backpacking and camping in Maine, at elevations between sea level and 4000 ft (1200 m). The temperature during field-testing was between 30 F (-1 C) and 98 F (37 C). Precipitation experienced during testing consisted of light to heavy rain. The terrain was varied from pavement to typical Maine hiking trails (mud, rocks, roots and up and down).

      Likes and Dislikes:


      1.. The thick footbed and Vibram sole protect my feet from sharp rocks and roots on the trail. At the end of the day my feet aren't as tired as they have been while wearing other sandals and sneakers.
      2.. While it may be a function of my weight, the Chaco Z2s seem to cushion my steps and supports my arches.
      3.. The strap system and sculpted heel risers have worked very well for me. My feet don't slide off the soles when walking on a side-hill.
      4.. The strap system holds the sandals securely on my feet. Even on steep ups and downs on the trail, my feet didn't slip much.
      5.. The Chaco Z2 Terreno sandals have stood up very well to every day use at home and on the trail. I am very satisfied with the Chaco's durability.

      1.. Temperatures in Maine are too cold during the winter for me to wear my Chaco Z2 Terreno sandals year round.

      I have really enjoyed testing the Chaco Z2 Terreno sandals and would like to thank Chaco and BGT for the opportunity to participate in this test.

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