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10592RE: [backpackgeartesters] Re: Test Call Status Report - Winter bags and hats

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  • Anthony (TJ) Smith
    Nov 1, 2005
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      Already at that point myself. I'll apply for the hat if needed, but I've
      already gotten the message that I'm all full up! Just let me know if I
      should apply anyway, and I'll get ya an app in the next few days! With a
      shaved head, a hat regardless of style always helps!
      TJ Smith

      Fuzzy - you're the kind of tester we need. As a test manager, you give
      me LOTS OF WORK and I'm even getting kind of sick of seeing your
      applications over, and over, and OVER again. My only recourse is to
      fill you up with gear and max you out so you have to stop applying (at
      least for a while :)

      Now there's inspiration for others to bug us with apps if I've ever
      seen it!

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