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making waves at the ocean this weekend

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  • irinarivkin
    This Saturday, head to the coast to be part of some Rose Street off- site collaborations, and discover some of the Bay Area s best secrets (like, how do you
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2002
      This Saturday, head to the coast to be part of some Rose Street off-
      collaborations, and discover some of the Bay Area's best secrets
      (like, how do you get to Bolinas? )
      4/27, 7:30pm, Bolinas House Concert
      Featuring: Marca Cassity, Irina Rivkin, & Making Waves.
      It's at Dossie's house, with beautiful ocean views.
      for info/directions email rosestreetmusic@...

      Then, the next day, Sunday 4/28, a "harmonic convergence" singing and
      harmony workshop with Irina Rivkin at Steep Ravine, 1-3pm. For both
      beginners and pros -- Use your voice to express your passion and your
      spirit! Improvisation and arrangement, fun group singing and vocal
      exercises, and more! Please note that only those w/reservations at
      Steep Ravine (camping, or cabins usually reserved 7 mo. ahead of
      time) can drive to the site, otherwise it's a beautiful ½ mile walk
      from the gate. The workshop may be in cabin #1, or outside depending
      on everyone's preference. The crash of ocean waves will provide the
      backdrop. workshop has sliding scale donation, with 100% benefiting
      rose street. Space will be limited to 5-6 participants (for
      individual attention, and to minimize environmental impact). It
      would be great to email or call by Thursday if you're coming, so we
      can give you directions (I leave for Steep Ravine 4/26 & will be
      there til 4/29).

      For info/detailed directions for the concert and/or workshop, email
      rosestreetmusic@..., and please mention which you'd like
      directions for (or both).
      (510) 594-4000 ext. 687

      bios below:
      MAKING WAVES www.rosestreetmusic.com/makingwaves
      Making Waves, singing out truth in multiple-part harmony! First
      organized around a song Irina Rivkin wrote in support of community
      radio station KPFA's struggle, this original women's vocal ensemble
      continued, in a variety of incarnations, to inspire audiences through
      its powerful lyrics and intricate harmonies. Making Waves is Irina
      Rivkin, Rebecca Crump, and Meghan Spyker. "Deliciously playful
      lyrics that bite back! . . . sweet melodies and provocative lyrics" -
      Helen Walsh, Art Juju Producer

      IRINA RIVKIN www.rosestreetmusic.com/irinarivkin
      Rose Street founder and singer-songwriter Irina Rivkin first began
      performing as a child in a family band, singing Russian folk &
      American Jazz. She started performing her own songs eight years ago,
      and has always mixed solo work with collaborations, in groups such as
      Mocha Blue (1994-6) and Inner Tide (1999). She expresses
      introspective, gutsy originals, journeying into the personal &
      political, with occasional travels into Russian & Spanish language
      lyrics. Songs range from stark, intimate solo acapella to multi-
      layered collaborations. "When I hear Irina's music, I feel as though
      I am hearing the voice of our ancestors. Deep, inspired, &
      passionate, her richly textured arrangements make the songs both
      urgent & enduring." Andrea Pritchett of Rebecca Riots

      Marca Cassity
      Marca Cassity plays thumping acoustic guitar, sings
      with her soul, and writes lyrics with her fiery
      spirit. This double fire sign woman comes from some
      strange past life places from wrestling cattle on her
      grandfather's ranch as a child, working in the ghetto
      in Miami, and helping rescue people at the Oklahoma
      City bombing as a nurse in 1995, to stepping out of
      society to lay in the dirt with gypsies and the
      hippies, dancing on mountain tops with Brazilian
      priestesses,and a reawakening in her 30's as the child
      of the guru deep in meditation. And now she has been
      blessed enough to have the time and space with her
      guitar and her voice to write it all down in her
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