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Harmony Sweeps line up

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  • Primarily A Cappella
    These are the regional finalist performing at the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival National Finals to be held May 5 at the Marin Center, San Rafael. BAY
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2001
      These are the regional finalist performing at the Harmony Sweepstakes A
      Cappella Festival National Finals to be held May 5 at the Marin Center,
      San Rafael.

      Current Champions of the Far Western District, barbershop quartet
      Freestyle are known for not only their great singing but also their zany
      antics,characterized as "a few fries short of a Happy Meal." Recently
      named Entertainment Champions at the prestigious Buckeye Invitational,
      their memorable show is sure to please, and members of the group have
      appeared on countless stages and milk cartons throughout the land. Tenor
      Todd Kidder recently gave up his dream ofbeing the first 5 ft. 9 in.
      center of the NBA, while bass Bruce Morgan is the(Volvo) owner of a
      (Volvo) dealership in (Volvo) Santa Rosa, but does not usethis venue
      (Volvo) for his own personal (Volvo) gain. Baritone Andy Wallace is an
      unassuming financial mastermind, collecting paper clips in his spare
      time.Lead Rich Brunner is the best-looking member of the quartet and his
      mother reallyloves him. It's Freestyle entertainment tonight
      Members: Todd Kidder, Bruce Morgan, Rich Brunner, Andy Wallace

      DENVER - T MINUS 5
      T Minus 5 is the result of two different a cappella groups that hit the
      stage during the 90's. After these two groups went their separate ways, a
      couple of the members from each group wanted to continue to perform. They
      collaborated with each other and agreed they would combine efforts in
      establishing a new and improved "vocal band". You couldnUt ask for five
      better individuals in a group. Each individual brings a specialty that is
      complemented by another member's talent, creating a show that is both
      dynamic and charismatic. This quality is what gives T Minus 5 such a
      dynamic stage presence and overall personality.
      Members: Kent Hyer, Fish, Joe Cheney, Jeff Peterson, Jared Allen

      Described by critics as "world class Voice Trek is known for their superb
      vocal blend and harmonies, as well as their creative musical arrangements.
      Originating in 1987, this quintet is a well-respected ingredient in the
      Minnesota music scene and is comprised of the five original members. This
      "family" of singers has consistently worked with a 5-piece instrumental
      back up, touring, conducting jazz residencies, and presenting concerts
      from Minnesota to Montreux (Switzerland), and only in the past year has
      ventured into the exciting realm of a cappella singing. With six
      recordings to their credit - their repertoire ranges from jazz to
      semi-classical to sacred - they are currently in production of their
      seventh recording, an a cappella CD titled "An A Cappella Trek"
      to be released in Spring 2001. The five singers of Voice Trek include
      three sisters, Shelley, Vicki, and Rae Plaster; Music Director/Tenor-Denis
      Allaire (a brother-in-law); and Bass-Kevin Smith (a brother by
      association!) You can find them at www.voicetreksings.com, or email at

      Vox Bop is a mixed a cappella quartet with ultra-smooth voices reminiscent
      of The Manhattan Transfer and a wry baby-boomer sensibility. Founded in
      1995 by David Deschamps, who also does the arranging, Vox Bop was
      interviewed and featured in a 12-minute piece on National Public Radio's
      "All Things Considered" on Christmas Eve 1999. They can be currently heard
      in a national Amazon.com TV ad and were featured as the house band on
      NBC-TVb "The Ainsley Harriott Show." Vox Bop's first CD, THE VOX BOP
      CHRISTMAS VARIETY HOUR, has been much acclaimed: it was nominated for a
      1998 CARA award, with one of the cuts ("Mission of The Three Kings")
      winning Best Arrangement at the 1999 NYC Harmony Sweepstakes. In
      the summer of 2000 Vox Bop performed at The Alandia Jazz festival in
      Finland and has also made a name for itself performing for a variety of
      clients throughout the Northeast, including Bloomberg Financial,
      Bloomingdales, Borders Books, The Brooklyn Museum, FilenebDts, The New
      Press, Starbucks, and many others. The group finished in the top five at
      the NYC regionals of the 1998 and 1999 Harmony Sweepstakes and is
      currently at work on their new CD, "Affluenza."
      Members: John Bischoff, David Deschamps, Johanna Grussner and Maura May

      So Rare! is an award-winning women's a cappella quartet singing smooth
      sounds and intricate harmonies. No vocal percussion here, just perfectly
      blended chords in an incredibly varied repertoire including swing, jazz,
      modern and contemporary. We are really looking forward to our fourth
      appearance here at the Boston Sweeps where we have taken second place
      three years in a row (watch out Susan Lucci!). SoRare! has had many
      performances this year, including Stellar A Cappella, Ryles Jazz Club and
      Legends at the Fleet Center where we performed for, and had our picture
      taken with, basketball legend Bill Russell. We also shared the stage
      with Rumors, International Quartet Champions of Sweet Adelines. We have
      finally recorded our first CD entitled "SoRare! Well Done!" containing
      many of our favorite arrangements. Check our web site at
      www.soraresings.com or contact Jannis Moylan Williams at (508) 428-1129
      Members: Karen Christofi, Jannis M. Williams, Donna Manoogian, Arlene

      Sixth Wave is an a cappella jazz/pop/rock group that performs
      unaccompanied originals and novel arrangements of familiar tunes. The six
      singers in the "band" are all accomplished studio and concert singers who
      can be heard in venues ranging from local concert halls to opera stages,
      from rock and jazz clubs to movie theatres. Their wide experience allows
      them to sing a variety of styles, showcasing them as individual soloists
      as well as a tight jazz/pop/rock ensemble. Because all of the arrangements
      are created by members of the group, Sixth Wave's sound is fresh and
      original. For more information, please contact Gary Rosen at (818)909-9977
      or Amy Fogerson at (323)340-8113, or visit Sixth Wave on the web at
      Members: Elin Carlson, soprano Cindy Bourquin, soprano Amy Fogerson,
      alto Gerald White, tenor Gary Rosen, baritone Eric Bradley, bass

      Eclipse is an ensemble of six who met while attending Utah State
      University in northern Utah. They have performed extensively with the USU
      Department of Programs and Entertainment, which was instrumental in
      helping them gain exposure when they were getting started. In January
      2000, they toured Thailand with Colors and the USU Sunburst Singers. Last
      year they were featured on a Christmas CD produced for the USU Aggie
      Carolers. Eclipse is currently recording their own debut album, due out in
      March 2001. Their repertoire consists of an eclectic mix of vocal jazz,
      pop, R&B, and even big band tunes. Contact: Patrick Rose, 1189 W 400 So,
      Logan, UT 84321; 435-787-8334; eclipsesingers@...
      Members: Paul Hansen, Kevin Jones, Shayne Taylor, Pat Rose, Dan
      Kartchner, Kirk Mecham

      4:2:Five is not your parents' a cappella. What used to be street-corner
      barbershop and doo-wop, has now evolved into a fresh new sound and
      4:2:Five is right at the breakpoint. With driving vocal bass, slamming
      vocal percussion, and tight harmonies, these five young men create a sound
      that is all their own using nothing more than their highly trained mouths.
      4:2:Five has performed at the 2000 Orlando International Fringe Festival,
      on several radio stations, and won Ed McMahons internet based talent
      search www.Nextbigstar.com. The guys have been seen at NBC's Today Show,
      every news station in the Orlando area, and you might even catch 4:2:Five
      on a television commercial or doing a jingle on the radio. 4:2:Five's
      unique sound is derived from the diverse backgrounds of it's members,
      the individual talents possessed by each, and the belief that the music
      always has and always will come first.
      Members: Earl Elkins, Jr., James May, Layne Stein, Geoff Castellucci,
      Scott Porter

      The National Finals are to be held:

      Saturday May 5, 8 PM
      Marin Veteran's Auditorium, San Rafael, CA
      Tickets from box office - 415-472-3500 of www.ticketmaster.com

      Hosted by 2000 National Champs - Toxic Audio

      Further info at:

      John Neal

      For a free copy of the catalog send your street address to:-

      PO Box D, San Anselmo CA 94979
      Voice 415-455-8602 Fax 415-459-1622

      Check out our web site at http://www.singers.com
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