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Schmary Final No Really Concert this Sunday

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  • Cynsa Bonorris
    Apr 17, 2001 myriam desiree alyn cynsa / / / / _|_ _|_ _|_ _|_ o o o o M A R Y
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2001
      Apr 17, 2001

      myriam desiree alyn cynsa

      \ / \ / \ / \ /
      _|_ _|_ _|_ _|_
      o o o o
      M A R Y
      / S C H M A R Y \

      dear schmary frens:

      welp, this is it: your final email reminder for the final
      schmary show. no longer will I torment you with promises
      of dancing finger-monkeys and cross-dressing sumo wrestlers;
      as much as I'd like to, there wouldn't be any point: for as
      of this coming Sunday, April 22nd, after we throw our final
      gig (starting at 8pm) at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley,
      the Schmaries shall be nothing more than a fond and somewhat
      puzzling memory.

      but remember: we shall always have Paris. or at least,
      we'll always have that weird club we played up in Santa Rosa.
      what was the deal with that place? A chandelier made from
      an old wagon-wheel? I mean.

      but I digress: this sunday. last concert. no poodles.
      that's a promise. however, there will be a Very Special
      Guest, and of course the wonderful Dilemma opening for us.
      not a thing you should miss.

      and for all you skeptics who wrote me after my last email
      with a chorus of "yeah, right," I must affirm: no really.

      this is realy, really, really it.

      and thanks for letting me bend your eyeballs for the past
      7 years or so.

      luf and kisses,
      schmusical director

      Mary Schmary @the Freight & Salvage
      April 22nd, 2001
      showtime: 8pm (door opens 7:30pm)
      w/ the fabulous Dilemma!
      $15.50/$16.50 at the door

      Tickets via TicketWeb:

      Other ways to obtain tickets:


      Dilemma's Home Page:

      A song about a fingermonkey

      A wagon wheel chandelier

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