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    The following is an announcement of an Interim Music Director s position for East Bay Harmony, an Urban Harmony chorus. It s a terrific group, with membership
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 14, 2001
      The following is an announcement of an Interim Music Director's position

      for East Bay Harmony, an Urban Harmony chorus. It's a terrific group,
      with membership of 20 to 30 adult singers.

      The position is an interim one because I'm taking a leave of absence to
      build my house! I'm more than happy to talk with anyone who is

      Happy singing,

      DJ Hamouris

      Urban Harmony
      East Bay Harmony (adult)
      Volunteer Music Director (Interim)
      Position Description

      Position Title: Urban Harmony Music Director (Interim)
      Supervisor: Joe Cadora, UH Program Director
      Worksite: First Congregational Church, 27th & Harrison Sts., Oakland

      Importance of job to the organization/clients:
      Urban Harmony is the community a cappella program developed by the
      Contemporary A cappella Society (CASA). Our mission is to spread
      harmony through harmony by building a supportive community through a
      cappella singing. Central to creating these socially empowering a
      cappella groups (both teen and adult) is finding good music directors to

      lead them. An effective music director will create an enjoyable and
      rewarding singing experience for the singers involved and allow the
      group to spread its harmony community-wide through membership and

      Time Frame:
      Length of commitment: May-December, 2001
      Estimated Total Hours: 3-5 hrs/week (2 hrs rehearsal, 1-3 hrs
      Scheduling: Monday rehearsals, 7-9pm, occasional performances

      Major Responsibilities:
      1. direct a cappella chorus, lead rehearsals, teach parts
      2. manage repertoire and prepare for rehearsals
      3. keep records of group members, administer periodic evaluations
      4. help recruit a Business/Publicity Manager from within or outside the
      5. collaborate with group's Business/Publicity manager to recruit new
      members, set up performances and give concerts
      6. cooperate with UH administration guidelines and work with UH Program
      Director to improve program

      Qualifications Needed:
      1. experience with and knowledge of contemporary a cappella
      2. ability to teach vocal parts and lead warm-up exercises with or
      without piano
      3. enthusiastic, positive and patient attitude
      4. ability to work well with singers of varying ability and experience
      5. basic knowledge of good vocal technique and choral direction
      6. ability to arrange a cappella charts is helpful, but not required.
      Music Directors have the CASA Library of acappella arrangements as a
      resource. As well, arrangers can be found to create new charts for
      specific songs.

      The Music Director and/or Business/Publicity Manager will receive an
      Urban Harmony Start-up Kit, including guidelines for forming groups,
      teaching materials, arranging information, sheet music, parts tapes and
      CDs. Participation in a cappella workshops, summits and festivals is
      encouraged and will be paid for in full or in partial amount by CASA.

      Benefits to Volunteer:
      Participation in positive social change through music. Complementary
      CASA membership. Discount or free admission to acappella events.

      East Bay Harmony: DJ Hamouris, Music Director; (510) 652-9560
      Email: hamouris@...

      Staff Contact: Joe Cadora, Urban Harmony Program Director; (510)
      Email: uhm@...
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