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New local community web site: Local2Me.com

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  • Michael Olivier
    In my continuing effort to improve online community in the Bay Area, I have launched a new local web site, www.Local2Me.com. I started ba-acappella to connect
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2001
      In my continuing effort to improve online community in the Bay Area, I have launched a new local web site, www.Local2Me.com.  I started ba-acappella to connect singers in the area.  Local2Me is a broader effort to connect people in neighborhoods that I wanted to announce to my pals on BAAC.

      See the article below for more info.


      San Mateo County Times:
      Where neighbors chat in cyberspace: Web site focuses on connecting people with their communities

      By T.S. Mills-Faraudo

      Telling a neighbor the color he painted his house is gaudy could be just a
      few clicks away with a free Internet service that allows the user to
      communicate with neighbors as well as other residents around The County.

      "Most people don't have the time these days to talk to their neighbors,"
      said Belmont resident Michael Olivier, founder of Local2Me.com, Inc. "This
      makes it easy for neighbors to participate in their own community. People
      can exchange recommendations for electricians and other services. They can
      share local concerns and bring about positive changes in the neighborhood."

      Users choose the boundaries and the type of people they want to communicate
      with. For example, they can opt to connect only with renters between 20 and
      40 years old who live 10 miles from their home, or they can connect with
      both renters and homeowners between 20 and 70 who that live 40 miles away.
      This is all worked out when users register, allowing them to select
      different options.

      "All users get their own circle of a community," Olivier said.

      The service is available to San Mateo, Foster City, Belmont, San Carlos,
      Redwood City and Redwood Shores residents.

      The idea has already been successful in Mountain View communities, Olivier

      Olivier, 35, set up a simpler concept similar to group e-mail. It was
      well-received, with 30 percent of the people with online access in the area
      signing up.

      Most found the service useful. Leane Reelfs, 33, of Monta Loma in Mountain
      View, said it's a great way to get to know neighbors.

      "We got a good pulse of the neighborhood," said Reelfs, who used the
      service to start a play group for local children.

      She said neighbors used it quite a bit to sell items collecting dust in
      their garages. Others used the service to form community activist groups to
      deal with issues of concern.

      Olivier, who is director of engineering for excite@home, said he wanted to
      set up this service mainly because he likes connecting people in communities.

      "I saw a high value in connecting people," he said. "I saw all these little
      online communities, but none of them allowed people to set boundaries."

      For more information, visit the Web site at http://www.Local2Me.com, e-mail
      michael@... or call 593-3373.

      Contact T.S. Mills-Faraudo at 348-4338 or via e-mail: tmills@....


      Please help spread the word to people you know on the Peninsula -- San Mateo, Foster City, Belmont, San Carlos, Redwood City, and Redwood Shores!  Recently people in the community have been talking about local restaurants and landscapers.

      The service will expand to other areas -- if you want to be notified when Local2Me comes to you, you can give your zip code and email address on the web site, http://www.local2me.com.


      . . . . . . . . . .
      www.Local2Me.com - Personalized, Local Internet Communities for SF
      Peninsula Cities!  Connect with your neighbors via group email.

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