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FW: [vocalist-temporary] Choral Singers

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  • Paul Sinasohn
    Audition notice.... Paul Sinasohn ... From: BEChoate@aol.com [mailto:BEChoate@aol.com] Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 9:40 AM To:
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      Audition notice....

      Paul Sinasohn

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      Subject: [vocalist-temporary] Choral Singers

      Dear List,

      I am now in the process of auditioning for the following positions in the
      Bella Voce Vocal Ensemble. This ensemble is made up of experienced
      vocalists, many of which are also soloists. Criteria for this group
      proficient musicianship skills and choral experience. Yes, solos will be
      assigned from time to time, however this is not the major focus of this
      group. Bella Voce is primarily an a cappella choir singing a variety of
      styles from madrigals to jazz. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area

      and rehearse in Livermore. If you are interested in auditioning, please
      email me privately or call my office.
      Barbara Pinto-Choate

      Soprano: 1 first
      1 second
      Alto: 1 first
      1 second
      Bass: 1 bass


      Please email to: BellaVoceChoir@...
      Call my office:
      Vineyard Recording & Publishing: 925-960-9515

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