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Vocalists sought for women's group, Making Waves

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  • Janet Rachel
    [I m forwarding this for a friend. Please reply to the number below. JR]
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2000
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      [I'm forwarding this for a friend. Please reply to the number below. JR]

      >Seeking harmony goddesses!
      >for original acapella ensemble MAKING WAVES:
      >Do you love to sing, rehearse, and perform with other women? Can you blend
      >in intricate harmony, then jump into a vocal rhythm or an improvisational
      >lead? Does your voice express your heart, your passion, and your
      >convictions (whether or not you write songs)? Can you commit to a weekly
      >rehearsal, and to performing at a variety of venues several times a month,
      >and occasional out-of-town gigs (eventually building up to a tour)? Can you
      >rehearse in the presence of chocolate? (the chocolate's optional)
      >If so, then Making Waves may be for you! Making Waves members who also
      >write acapella songs are welcome to bring their own songs into the group
      >(although that's not required, as long as you can improvise harmonies).
      >Ability to read music is not important, but a good ear for creating and
      >singing harmony is. Creating that sweet, soulful, and rockin' blend of
      >voices to express and inspire personal and social change!
      >Making Waves: Singing out truth in multiple-part harmony
      >This women's acapella group was organized by Rose Street House of Music
      >Producer Irina Rivkin to record an original song (Making Waves), which aired
      >on KPFA, in support of this community radio station's struggle. The group
      >continued, in several different incarnations, to inspire audiences at venues
      >such as Freight and Salvage, Luna Sea, Rose St. House of Music, Ashkenaz,
      >East Bay Pride, and La Peña. They have shared stages with Gwen Avery,
      >Rebecca Riots, Margie Adams, Gwen Avery, Alice Di Micele, Irene Farrera, &
      >Julia Butterfly.
      >For info, please call Irina at (510) 524-3545 (before 11 p.m.)
      >Feel free to pass this announcement on!
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