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AUDITIONS---vocal jazz group

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  • Julia Melin
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2000
      <<Very sorry if you have seen already part of this message-- there was an
      error in my posting last week (first time user) and the bottom half didn't
      post >>

      AUDITIONS!!! Looking for T,T,B and possibly an awesome alto.

      Close harmony vocal jazz group forming (5 mixed vox max, a cappella) with
      intention to record demo asap and gig hard and fast. Repetoire will be a mix
      of more commercial tunes and challenging jazz arrangements ala The Real
      Group or Manhattan Transfer (or Lambert Hendricks and Ross -- yeah yeah, not
      a cappella but man did they cook!). Seeking tenor, bari, and bass with
      excellent musicianship and serious committment (time and passion). Also
      looking for an awesome alto.

      --great ear/pitch
      --clear, strong tone
      --stylistic and technical control
      --good time-feel
      --part singing/close harmony experience
      -- ability to read music (sight-sing)
      --serious dedication/gig oriented mindset (this is of a professional, not
      recreational, nature).

      About me:
      I sang with an intense semi-pro group in college, but was always most
      excited by more jazzy (ie. no vocal percussion) repetoire. I formed a
      similar (5vox) group in Boston but school got in the way for several members
      and we never got off the ground...this time it's for real. I have a PR
      background so I'm ready to pound the pavement for gigs, hoping to (if
      possible) catch the tail end of the holiday-gig season. I was classically
      trained in voice at the NEC but I have developed a very clear,
      a-cappella-girl sound. I'm also gigging some as a solo jazz-singer around
      town. Currently studying privately with Kitty Margolis and Raz Kennedy.
      Just a little audition tip: I'm serious about the above qualifications!

      Thanks much, look forward to hearing from you-- please email about your
      experience and skills and INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER and I'll get back to you
      with the audition 411. (Auditions are happening in SF and East Bay

      510-337-0854 nights

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