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  • Cynsa Bonorris
    o/ o/ o/ o/ ... ^ ^ ^ ^ dear schmary frens: first of all, the Schmaries would like to thank all our wonderful frens who came to our final
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2000
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      dear schmary frens:

      first of all, the Schmaries would like to thank all
      our wonderful frens who came to our final concert and
      made the evening so special. thank you thank you!

      what a terrific evening.

      we also have some nifty Schmary-news: a few weeks
      ago our good friend David Gans, who is producing the
      new Persuasions album, a collection of Grateful Dead
      songs arranged in the unique Persuasions style, invited us
      to come to the studio and sing back up for the guys!
      we had a glorious time and contributed to 5 tracks
      on the new album; it was just an incredible experience
      and for which it was well worth coming out of our
      semi-permanent hiatus. the Persuasions are incredible
      musicians and great fun to sing with. it was a full
      day of delightful music.

      the new Persuasions album, _Might As Well_, will be
      coming out later this year. listen for Alyn's trumpet
      solo on the title track!

      for all of you who haven't yet purchased our own new
      album, _Hidden Agenda Items_, but who would like to do
      so, the best method is to send a check for $17 (includes
      tax and shipping) to Mary Schmary, P.O. Box 170207,
      San Francisco, CA 94117-0207. that's the method by which
      we earn the most cash. However, if you want to do
      an on-line credit card transaction, you will find
      the new album at Amazon.com. just do a search on
      "Schmary" and you will find us. to hear a sound clip
      off the new album, visit http://www.maryschmary.com/hai.html

      for a final spot of news, we'd like to direct your attention
      (those of you who are interested) to the various other musical
      projects in which some of the Schmaries are engaged.

      . Alyn is continuing with her band Keeping Our Day Jobs (KODJ)
      a full-on rock and blues band that does many danceable
      covers and performs quite a bit in SF, Burlingame and the occasional
      wedding. check 'em out at http://www.keepingourdayjobs.com/

      . Alyn is also singing with the band the Scattering Blue,
      a project of Drew Pearce's. Drew is a terrific singer-songwriter.
      You can often catch the Scattering Blue performing at
      Bazaar Cafe and Simple Pleasures in San Francisco. Cynsa
      also sings back up with the band.

      . Desiree is deep in the throes of dissertation writing and will
      be emerging into new musical projects once her education
      ph.d. is officially done.

      . Finally, Cynsa has an eclectic ukulele band that Alyn also
      sings/plays uke in, called Joe Schmoe. Joe Schmoe, as some
      of you might recall, was a spin-off band of the Schmaries.
      and, indeed, Myriam came and made a guest appearance at Joe
      Schmoe's last performance; if I can manage it, I'll soon have all
      the Schmaries playing in the Schmoes. it's just a matter of
      time and patience, I'll wear 'em down. :>

      to sign up for Joe Schmoe's mailing list, email annette@...

      That's all the Schmews that's fit to print. If you don't mind,
      we'll keep you on our list in case we come out of our hiatus
      again. Until then, this is cynsa and the Schmaries signing
      off. thank you for so many faboo years.

      and remember, take care of yourself, you're the only "you" you've got.

      -cynsa beans
      Mary Schmary

      ps: to be removed from this list, just email cynsa@... with your
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