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another drawing: Toxic Audio & +4db show Sunday in Hayward

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  • Michael Olivier
    Drawing for two (2) free tickets for Sunday night s Toxic Audio & +4db show in Hayward! These are BAAC s tickets that Chuck Kennedy is providing free of charge
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2000
      Drawing for two (2) free tickets for Sunday night's Toxic Audio & +4db show
      in Hayward!

      These are BAAC's tickets that Chuck Kennedy is providing free of charge
      (thanks, Chuck!) as part of the BAAC concert posting policy. It's Sunday
      night in Hayward (info below), and should be a great show.

      There is ONE condition -- the lucky recipient(s) will need to write up and
      post a synopsis of the show for those of us unlucky enough to miss
      it. This is not necessarily a review or complete coverage, but something
      that discusses many of the groups, the flavor of the show, some of the
      highlights, etc. There's not a minimum word count on it, but you should be
      sure to spend more than a few minutes on it (and maybe take a few notes at
      the show). The review will need to be posted by next Thursday (5/11).

      To enter (and providing you're ready to write the synopsis afterwards),
      please send an email message to


      and in the subject line put "toxic+4"...

      Send your message by tomorrow (Saturday) at 5pm. Then I'll do a drawing
      and announce the winner!


      >To: ba-acappella@egroups.com
      >From: Chuck Kennedy <chuck@...>
      >Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 12:33:32 -0700 (PDT)
      >Subject: [ba-acappella] Toxic Audio & +4db In Concert 5/7/2000, Hayward
      >I'm producing a benefit concert for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and
      >I'd like to invite ba-acappella readers to come and enjoy the show.
      >Sunday, May 7, 7:30 p.m.
      >University Theatre
      >California State University, Hayward
      >Toxic Audio
      >Toxic Audio
      >The Group: Toxic Audio is a 5-member theatrical vocal group (3 men, 2
      >women) who combine popular and original songs, musical improvisation,
      >and comedic sound effects in their performances. They have been singing
      >together daily for many years at the Disney Theme Parks in Orlando,
      >Music: All a cappella, no instruments. Styles include contemporary pop,
      >rock-n-roll, jazz, hip hop, comedy, and improvisational songs.
      >+4db is a vocal jazz/pop quintet. If you like jazz, you'll love +4db.
      >If you don't like jazz, you'll still be amazed at the sounds they make
      >with just the human voice.
      >Toxic Audio and +4db will be competing with several other groups from
      >across the country in the National Harmony Sweepstakes Finals the night
      >before this concert. These groups may well win the top two spots in the
      >competition. In any case, you will see and hear some of the best of
      >contemporary a cappella in the country at this show.
      >Proceeds from this concert will benefit Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
      >Tickets are available in advance at $12.50. The price at the door will
      >be $15.
      >For more information about the groups or to hear samples of their
      >music, please see their web sites:
      >To buy tickets with your credit card, please go to the concert web
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