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Mary Schmary's Final Concert + CD release party

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  • Cynsa Bonorris
    o/ o/ o/ o/ ... ^ ^ ^ ^ dear schmary frens: on Sunday, April 30th, 2000 you are invited to a unique event: our Final Concert/CD Release Party.
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      \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/
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      dear schmary frens:

      on Sunday, April 30th, 2000 you are invited to a unique event: our Final
      Concert/CD Release Party. that's right: in keeping with our tradition
      of doing things in the Oddest Possible Way, we are releasing our final
      album at our final concert, which will take place at the Freight & Salvage
      in Berkeley, April 30th, starting at 8pm.

      after 9 years, 6 under our current configuration, we will then be going on
      semi-permanent floating hiatus until further notice. we don't want to
      close the door completely, because we truly believe that the world needs
      the possibility of schmariness hanging over its head, but we have no plans
      to perform after April 30th, so if you want to catch us live one more
      time, please join us at the Freight for an evening that promises to be
      rife with crazed music and emotion. we want you there.

      our new album, Hidden Agenda Items (Bug Girl Records), is truly a
      meisterwurg of schmariness, containing such stupendous hits as
      "Gooberoni," "Abraham on the Bay Bridge," and "Babar the Elephant King,"
      as well as some previously un-heard schmary improvs and live concert
      bits. we don't mind saying it's pretty awesome.

      the CD will available on-line for sale at Amazon.com and via mail-order
      upon its release. we are doing a limited run, so if you would like to
      reserve a copy, respond to this email and I'll put you on the list.

      and we hope to see you at the Freight on Sunday, April 30th.
      8pm. $13.50/$14.50 at door. 510-548-1761 www.thefreight.org

      bring your kids, bring your friends, bring your pet ocelot!
      bring yourself, 'cause we wanna say g'bye, and thanks.

      cynsa bonorris
      schmusical director

      map to the freight:


      or you can use our handy-dandy ascii map below:

      N| X
      ^ |--------------Addison----
      / \ P|
      | A|
      | B|
      north L|
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