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Vocal Flight (6 week class) starts next week at The Freight & Salvage, Berkeley

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  • Michael Smolens
    What - Vocal Flight w/ Michael Smolens Where - Freight & Salvage, Berkeley When - 6 Wednesdays, 8:30-9:45 pm, beginning March 7th Cost - $120.00 advance /
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2012
      Where - Freight & Salvage, Berkeley
      When - 6 Wednesdays, 8:30-9:45 pm, beginning March 7th
      Cost - $120.00 advance / $130.00 after September 6
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      If you're a vocalist, an improvisor, or someone who just loves to sing, yet you lack some confidence, you're going to want more than just one or two avenues to build your skills. How about four?

      This class will enable you to sing with much more ease by bringing together two vital sources of VOCAL TECHNIQUE— 
           1) North Indian raga-style 
           2) Western European approaches

      together with two different formats for VOCAL IMPROVISATION—
           3) solo 
           4) group

      You'll feel how each technique approach will strengthen your voice in different ways, just as each type of improvisation will give you a variety of ways to vocally 'play.' We'll work on some of these areas separately, and then combine them. You'll hear how catalytic the results will be when they interact, and you'll enjoy the confidence and freedom that you've been looking for. You'll also learn how to practice more creatively and effectively at home.

          * breathing + posture 
          * mask + chest resonance 
          * new scales + new vocal colors 
          * syncopation + polyrhythms 
          * instrument imitation + vocal percussion 
          * 'scatting' + accompanying vocally 
          * stories into songs + improvised lyrics 
          * vocals + percussion instruments 
          * solo electronic looping + group CircleSinging


      Great VOCAL FLIGHT class today—both improv games were really fun, everybody was able to hang while being  in new territory, and your accompaniment was rich, varied, lively, supportive, and impeccable. Right On!                                                                                                                           —Daniel Tucker (vocalist/teacher/composer/harmonium guru)

      Sad but true. After eight years of voice lessons I felt less confidence than when I started.  But my work with Michael was transformative! I remembered one particular piece of coaching he gave, it completely changed the quality of sound in my voice. I had never heard myself sound so good! 
      —Sonya Brewer (vocalist/songwriter)

      VOCAL FLIGHT was great not only for my voice but also for expanding the 'musical space' in my mind. I especially appreciated learning new scales through the North Indian sargam, and feel that this is something I will take with me in any future musical endeavors I approach. A great fun class. I highly recommend it! 
      —Jovani (vocalist and frequently commissioned visual artist)

      Vocal percussion, polyrhythms, pitch training and scales made VOCAL FLIGHT an organic and eclectically enjoyable learning experience...Michael couples years of musical experience and technical know-how with a fun, light-hearted approach to vocal improvisation. 
      —Ronald Aveling (vocalist/composer/recording artist)

      It's hard to know where to begin when trying to describe Michael's musicianship—he does so many things, and does them all so well. In every area of his music, he has golden ears and precise attention to detail. This guy is the real deal: an artist, a master craftsman, and a spiritually disciplined, thoughtful listener-someone well worth getting to know... 
      —Mark Baum (vocalist/composer)


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