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  • KSicks@aol.com
    If you don t have tickets yet for next week s SF sneak preview of the Kinsey Sicks Off-Broadway show, it s time to order! Two shows have already sold out and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2000
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      If you don't have tickets yet for next week's SF sneak preview of the Kinsey
      Sicks' Off-Broadway show, it's time to order!

      Two shows have already sold out and others are close! But it's not too late
      -- to meet this (inexplicable) demand, the Sicks have added a late show on
      Sat March 11, at 10:30. To be sure to get tickets for Wed, Thurs or the Sat
      late show, call 415-861-8972 NOW!! (Tip: if you can ONLY attend the sold-out
      Fri or Sat 8pm shows, get on the waiting list: the first dozen or more on the
      list almost always get in.)

      To recap: The New York producers have authorized a test-run of as much of
      their upcoming Off-Broadway show as the dizzy divas are able to memorize.
      The forum for this thespian potluck will be a special 4-night run at San
      Francisco's New Conservatory Theatre Center, 25 Van Ness Ave., from Wed. thru
      Sat, March 8-11. New, never-before seen songs and shtick, revamped
      favorites, and inexcusably unaltered old chestnuts -- more nuts than chest --
      will be inflicted upon long-term fans and their tragically-unsuspecting

      Appall a loved one today! Call for tickets now!
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