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Pacific Standard Youth Chorus Sendoff - Jan 15 7-9 PM

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  • Michael
    Dear fellow a cappella enthusiasts, As you may have heard, the Bay Area is home to a brand-new a cappella chorus: Pacific Standard
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2012
      Dear fellow a cappella enthusiasts,

      As you may have heard, the Bay Area is home to a brand-new a cappella chorus: Pacific Standard (http://www.pacificstandard.org). This group of 25 men, all of whom are 30 years old or younger, has been working hard since July to prepare for and compete in the 2012 Youth Chorus Competition at Midwinter in Tucson, AZ, in January. Those of us who have visited their rehearsals have seen firsthand the high level of organization, passion and commitment they bring to a cappella singing.


      I am writing on behalf of Pacific Standard to announce a celebration send-off for Pacific Standard, and to invite you and your a cappella groups to attend. This event is Pacific Standard's first-ever performance.


      The event format is a show highlighting young a cappella singers from all over the Bay Area and culminating in three songs performed by Pacific Standard. If you are in a group that fits this bill who would like to perform, please reply to this email with your group's details. There will be opportunities for informal singing, and there may be additional performance slots after the young groups have performed.


      A summary of the event can be found below. Please feel free to forward this on to any other a cappella singers who may not be subscribed to this list.


      We hope to see you there!




      Pacific Standard Celebration Send-Off



      Sunday, January 15, 7 - 9 PM. This is the week before the chorus competes in Midwinter.



      Berkeley Hillel,  2736 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA


      The Program

      Pacific Standard will perform as the "headliner," and we are working to secure more young performers to make an afterglow-style show. The First Strike quartet will be there, and 13 other youth a cappella groups are being contacted to perform. Please send details if you know of a group who may be interested!


      There will definitely be tags and informal singing as well in the tradition of the classic Barbershop afterglow.


      Who's Invited

      Anyone and everyone who loves a cappella music. Event notifications are being sent to choir teachers in the Bay Area, ba-acappella, all the division members, fwd-list, FWD eNews, and Berkeley and Stanford college groups.



      We will "pass the hat" to help Pacific Standard defray their costs of attending the competition. We're recommending a $10 donation, but any donation is purely voluntary. The Berkeley Hillel has donated use of its facility, so all proceeds will go directly to benefit the young guys!




      About Pacific Standard


      Pacific Standard Chorus is the Bay Area's newest youth male vocal ensemble, sponsored by the award-winning Voices in Harmony chorus in San Jose. With a core of some of the finest young singers in and around the Bay Area, our vision is to aim for a level of musicality that will resonate with our members and our audiences alike.


      Our founding members stem primarily from the world of barbershop harmony, but they have been known to dabble in other exploits as well. Singing in jazz bands, for instance. Or directing collegiate a cappella groups. Or winning the 2009 Choir of the World competition at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales. Others are completely new to this style of music. Our unique concoction of musical experiences is generating a lot excitement within our ranks as we prepare to take this group to the 2012 Barbershop Midwinter Youth Chorus Festival in Tucson, Arizona in January.


      But our visions extend beyond singing well. We also want to have fun. Lots of fun. With everything we do. And we want people who jive with that mentality. In this group, you'll learn and help others learn to sing better than they ever have before, and you'll have a blast doing it. You'll learn what it means to sing with resonance. You'll learn what it means to sing with emotion. You'll learn what it means to sing a gold-medal tag. And before you know it, you'll be ringing chords with us after rehearsals into the wee hours of the morning, putting all of your newfound knowledge to good use with a circle of buddies doing the same thing beside you. Just for the fun of it.


      If this sounds like something you'd be interested in learning more about, visit us at http://www.pacificstandard.org or shoot us an email at contact@.... We have a fantastic team of people ready to get you up to speed.


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