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YACAPG, take two!

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  • the_igist
    Hi again folks. About this time last year we came here trying to find people who were interested in being part of Yet Another Contemporary A Cappella Group ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2011
      Hi again folks. About this time last year we came here trying to find people who were interested in being part of "Yet Another Contemporary A Cappella Group", in this case a six-voice band with an emphasis on Top 40 styles and original repertoire. A couple of our first choices didn't work out, so we're back again. We're in search of a low bass and a low alto.

      A little about us: we're a set of 20somethings recently out of college, making our way in the world as best we can. We love music, and hope we have the right combination of talent, work ethic and know-how to get this done. We've been using "band" to describe us because it implies a for-profit organization seeking to make money from music, and that's our goal. (We DO play our own instruments, thankyouverymuch.) Repertoire tends towards modern pop/rock/radio, but we are keeping an open mind. We meet in San Jose on Wednesday evenings; this is unfortunately non-negotiable (we've tried), so please keep that in mind if you're interested. And we do not yet have a name because we feel like that should be a decision the entire group makes.

      We are open to varying amounts of techical ability; as long as you can hold down your part during practice, we don't care what you did to get to that point. (Plus, schedules being what they are, we sometimes meet less than once a week.) Also, whilst everyone in the band will have solos, we are not fishing for particular styles of voice, as we're writing / arranging most of our own rep and can tailor your solos to your particular instrument.

      BASS: confident in low registers. (I mean, duh.)

      ALTO: For this we have to be a little more picky. Both of our current vocal percussionists are male, so in songs with both a male solo AND beatboxing, we end up writing "pretend-tenor" lines for you also in which you spend most of the song between Middle C and the G below it. An alternate solution is, of course, for YOU to do the vocal percussion, but if you can't offer one or the other I'm not sure you'll work out. (We're also going to take efforts to convert one of our extant ladies into a percussionist, but that's a future someday-if-maybe. Gotta go with what we have.)

      If interested, write to Chris at the_IGIST@... . Hope to hear from you!

      (wait, we don't have a name yet)
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