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BUILD A VOCAL COMMUNITY - Raise Your Voice: African American History in Song

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    BUILDING A VOCAL COMMUNITY Raise Your Voice: African American History in Story and Song Training with Ysaye Maria Barnwell, PhD composer, Author, Actress and
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      Raise Your Voice: African American History in Story and Song

      Training with Ysaye Maria Barnwell, PhD

      composer, Author, Actress and Singer with the a cappella group, Sweet Honey in the Rock

      6 CEC's for Licensed Professionals ("An mind opening experience." 2010 licensed participant)


      OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, especially a cappella groups, choruses, choral groups, etc. (individual singer have found this workshop extremely beneficial as well)


      Saturday, July 23, 2011

      10 am – 4 pm (registration begins at 9:30am)

      The Bay Conference Center

      3152 Paradise Drive

      Tiburon, CA 94920


      Sunday, July 24, 2011

      10 am – 4 pm (registration begins at 9:30am)

      The Clearview Center

      911 Coeur d' Alene Avenue

      Venice, CA 90291


      $99 Fee / $25 Gourmet Lunch (purchase Lunch by 7/18)

      Register at http://www.SWIIT.org

      For more information or to register by phone: 415-883-7758

      "Where do you find your voice? That is the real question." —Dr. Barnwell


      Sound, meditation, and music have long been used to reduce stress, ease anxiety, improve concentration, manage pain, enhance positive emotions and restore one's sense of well-being. Communal singing is a proven route to creating group cohesion and feelings of connection and has a definite positive neurological impact.

      In addition, creative processes, such as story-telling and singing contribute to spiritual evolution, group bonding, personal development, and individual healing within a group setting.

      An understanding of African American history is vitally important in providing services of any kind to this segment of the population.



      This one day workshop is designed as continuing education training for mental health professionals and the a cappella singer who want to learn about the African American experience as a backdrop to working with culturally diverse populations (as in the chorus or choral community) as well as others interested in this experience.

      This training will demonstrate through song and dance, the relationship between the history of African Americans as it relates to current psychological issues in this population, such as post-traumatic stress disorder and mood disorders, and the promotion of resilience in the face of prejudice and marginalization. Participants will learn the importance of preserving cultural identity to encourage positive psychology.

      You will learn how to:

      • Utilize African American oral tradition to enhance mental health

      • Evaluate the effects of group singing on mood

      • Discuss the cultural context of African Americans' experience from the Middle Passage through modern day Civil Rights movement as it relates to psychological functioning

      Masterfully led by Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell, singers and non-singers alike will share the common experience of learning in the oral tradition and singing rhythms, chants, traditional songs from Africa and the Diaspora, and a variety of songs from African American culture, including spirituals, ring shouts, hymns, gospels and songs from the Civil Rights Movement. The historical, social and political context will be provided as an introduction to the songs.

      "Barnwell is the most gifted writer . . . a true original hopefully bound to receive her due as one of America's finest composers." —Record Review Index


      Ysaye Maria Barnwell, Ph.D.

      Dr. Barnwell founded the All Souls Jubilee Singers and in 1979 she was invited to join the world renowned a cappella ensemble, Sweet Honey in the Rock®. She appears as a singer and/or instrumentalist on more than thirty recordings with Sweet Honey and the Rock, and other artists. In addition she is highly sought after as a master teacher and choral clinician in African American cultural performances. Her workshop "Building a Vocal Community®: Singing in the African American Tradition" has been conducted all over the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Singapore and Australia, making her work in the field a significant source of inspiration and learning for both singers and non-singers, and a model of exceptional pedagogy for educators, mental health professionals, cultural activists and historians. Dr. Barnwell is also an award-winning composer, author and actress.

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