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Chalice Consort Auditions

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    We have a lot of things we are planning for the season including Early Music Mining Conference (EMMC) 2011 and premiering Simone Molinaro s 10-Voice Mass this
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2010
      We have a lot of things we are planning for the season including Early Music Mining Conference (EMMC) 2011 and premiering Simone Molinaro's 10-Voice Mass this fall.

      Chalice's core singers will go from 16 voices to 8 voices this coming season with an extensive alternate list of singers that Davitt can call upon when
      he need more singers in a concert or recording project or conference. You can read more about Chalice Consort at

      We are expecting to pay SF minimum wage per hour ($9.79) to the singers. The singers will not only contribute vocally, but be asked to contribute on a voluntary basis, to the production of the concerts and conferences in some way (i.e. finding ushers, set up, tear down, concert program layout, finding translations for the programs, choir manager to take attendance, website graphics, website updates, etc.). We will have a list of tasks available for you to select from at auditions.

      Davitt has made an effort to make sure that PBO and SF Symphony rehearsals and concerts do not conflict with Chalice Consort rehearsals and concerts. And, final dates for rehearsals should be available at time of audition. Thank you for your patience!

      Audition dates:

      9/11/2010 - 1pm to 5pm St. Francis Lutheran, SF

      9/12/2010 - 3pm to 5pm UC Berkeley Hertz Hall Loft

      9/13/2010 - 5pm to 8pm St. Francis Lutheran, SF

      Week of 9/20/2010 - Decision by Davitt will be announced

      Please reserve your audition time here:
      http://www.eventbrite.com/event/343252678. Please ONLY select 1 date/time. And, if you decide to cancel/change your audition time, please let me know so that we can open it up for another singer.

      Please prepare to sing William Byrd's Agnus Dei from the Mass in 4 voices in your voice part alone. Please also prepare a 16th Century English Choral or Consort song of your choice, either sacred or secular. You are welcome to sing acapella or bring your own accompanist, otherwise accompaniment will be provided by Davitt himself if your piece requires it. There will also be some sight-reading.

      Some things that Davitt will listen for (not in any particular order) include:

      - clarity of voice and tone

      - absence of diphthongs

      - diction

      - annunciation and rhetoric

      Please bring a copy of your music resume and an extra copy of your music score to your audition!

      St. Francis Lutheran - 152 Church Street, San Francisco - across the street from Safeway on Church Street - parking is difficult, but street parking can typically be found 2-3 blocks away.

      UC Berkeley Hertz Hall - UC Berkeley Campus

      Expected (but subject to change a bit) Rehearsal & Concert Dates and Locations:

      10/2/2010 - Read thru rehearsal 1pm to 4pm in SF (probably at St. Francis)

      10/13/2010 - Rehearsal 7-10pm in SF

      10/15/2010 - Rehearsal 7-10pm in SF

      10/20/2010 - Rehearsal 7-10pm in SF

      10/27/2010 - Rehearsal 7-10pm in SF

      10/29/2010 - Rehearsal 7-10pm in SF - (tentative depending on variables, but please keep this date open - may even be switched to 11/2)

      11/8/2010 -
      Dress Rehearsal location TBA - 7-10pm

      11/12/2010 - Concert
      8pm; call at 6:45pm - St. Peter & Paul Church, SF

      11/13/2010 - Concert 8pm; call at 6:45pm - TBA, Berkeley

      11/14/2010 - Concert 5pm; call at 3:45pm - All Saints Episcopal, Palo Alto

      Possible recording of Simone Molinaro TBA...

      12/8/2010 - EMMC Submission Read Thru 7-10pm, location TBA

      2/11/2011 - EMMC (Victoria Tenebrae Responsories - focal piece) read-through rehearsal 7-10pm, location TBA

      3/4/2011 - Rehearsal 7-10pm in SF

      3/9/2011 - Rehearsal 7-10pm in SF

      3/30/2011 - Rehearsal 7-10pm in SF

      4/15/2011 - Rehearsal 7-10pm in SF

      4/20/2011 - Rehearsal 7-10pm in SF

      4/27/2011 - Rehearsal 7-10pm in SF

      4/28/2011 - Dress Rehearsal w/ Guest Directors 7-10pm in SF

      4/30/2011 - EMMC 2011 10-6:30pm; 9am call - Location TBA

      5/1/2011 - Concert of EMMC music in SF

      You are welcome to forward this invitation to other singers that you feel would be a great fit for Chalice Consort.

      Thank you for your consideration!

      Rebekah Wu
      (415) 269-3881 CELL
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