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"RAISE YOUR VOICE: Creating a Vocal Community" Workshop 7/25 w/ Ysaye Barnwell

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  • firstlorien
    RAISE YOUR VOICE: Creating a Vocal Community One Day Workshop 7/25 with Dr. Ysaye Barnwell of Sweet Honey in the Rock ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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      "RAISE YOUR VOICE: Creating a Vocal Community"
      One Day Workshop 7/25
      with Dr. Ysaye Barnwell of "Sweet Honey in the Rock"


      Masterfully led by Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell, singers and non singers alike
      will share the common experience of learning in the oral tradition and
      singing rhythms, chants, traditional songs from Africa and the Diaspora,
      and a variety of songs from African American culture, including
      spirituals, ring shouts, hymns, gospels, and songs from the Civil Rights
      Movement. The historical, social and political context will be provided
      as an introduction to the songs.

      Throughout this experience, the group will explore the values imbedded
      in the music, the role of cultural and spiritual traditions and rituals,
      ways in which leadership emerges and can be shared by and among
      community members, the nature of cultural responses to and influences on
      political and social struggle, and finally the significance of a shared
      communal experience in one's personal life. All that is required is
      an open heart and spirit of adventure.

      As the Medicine Wheel turns to Summer, with the focus on Vision, prepare
      to practice using your voice as a manifestation of your inner being, and
      a means of speaking your truth from a place on non judgment. This will
      be reflected in our group experience as we open up and magnetize our
      individual and collective creative spirit.

      This is a rare opportunity to be part of a large and welcoming
      experience in building a vocal community. Come and celebrate the
      magnificent healing power of your own voice. Whether you already sing,
      are afraid to, or have always wished you could, this exciting workshop
      promises to lift your spirits and view a critical aspect of American
      history in a unique way through the oral tradition and song. This will
      be a memorable day!


      For over a decade, Dr. Barnwell was a professor at the College of
      Dentistry at Howard University and completing her degree in Public
      Health, she went on to administered public health programs at
      Children's Hospital National Medical Center and at Gallaudet
      University in Washington, DC and, as a volunteer, assisted community
      based organizations in the use of computer technology.

      In 1977, Barnwell founded the All Souls Jubilee Singers and in 1979 she
      was invited to join the world renowned a cappella ensemble, Sweet Honey
      In The Rock®. In her first year as a singer in the ensemble,
      Barnwell, (who had trained as a Sign Language interpreter) facilitated
      the practice of including a Sign Language interpreter as part of the

      Dr. Barnwell appears as a singer (and occasionally as an
      instrumentalist) on more than thirty recordings with Sweet Honey In The
      Rock, and other artists. In addition she is highly sought after as a
      master teacher and choral clinician in African American cultural
      performance. Her workshop "Building a Vocal Community®: Singing
      in the African American Tradition" has been conducted all over the
      United States, Canada, Great Britain, Singapore and Australia, making
      her work in the field a significant source of inspiration and learning
      for both singers and non-singers, and a model of exceptional pedagogy
      for educators, and cultural activists and historians.


      DATE: Saturday July 25, 2009

      9:30 am Registration
      10:00 am Program begins
      1:00-2:00 pm Lunch (on your own or provided for a fee)
      4:00 pm Program ends

      LOCATION: Bay West Ballroom in San Rafael, Marin County. 1133 Francisco
      Blvd. East, San Rafael, CA 94901

      TUITION: Full Day Retreat $99.00. An optional Gourmet Lunch for $25.00
      can be ordered. Gourmet Lunch option unavailable if registering after
      July 19th (5 days prior to event).

      TO REGISTER: Visit <http://www.DrSonneeWeedn.com>
      <http://www.DrSonneeWeedn.com> <http://> http://www.DrSonneeWeedn.com
      <http://www.DrSonneeWeedn.com> , click on "Workshops & Continuing
      Education" OR mail in registration form (on back cover pf
      downloadable PDF) with payment. A Confirmation will be EMAILED when
      payment is received. 3 days before retreat directions to Bay West
      Ballroom, parking and other important participation information will be

      QUESTIONS: Call Dr. Weedn at 415-883-7758 or Email her at
      DrSonnee@... <mailto:DrSonnee@...> .

      CANCELLATION POLICY: If the program is canceled by the presenters for
      any reason participants will receive a 100% refund.
      Cancellations prior to July 15, 2009 are subject to a $39.00
      cancellation fee. For cancellations occurring after July 15 participants
      will receive credit toward a future program less the $39.00 cancellation



      Submitted by new group member, Lorien Fenton, Producer and Director of
      COLLABORATION! Dance & Music <http://www.collaborationdancemusic.org> .

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