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REMINDER: Re-Cycle, Re-View, Sing New! - In San Francisco this weekend!

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  • h_ousley
    Choral Artists present: Re-Cycle, Re-View, Sing New! Musicians are the ultimate recyclers. For centuries, they have revised, borrowed, embellished, revisited
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2009
      Choral Artists present: Re-Cycle, Re-View, Sing New!

      Musicians are the ultimate recyclers. For centuries, they have revised, borrowed, embellished, revisited and reused other musicians' works. This concert showcases the ways that composers build on and borrow from earlier works for new and fascinating

      The Choral Artists, under Magen Solomon, explore how a single melody evolves from plainchant to chorale. We'll look at ways the early music masters like Bach, Gesualdo and Purcell have influenced and inspired modern choral works of remarkable complexity and beauty. And we'll demonstrate how simple folks songs become part of a deeper, layered choral texture. Come listen to music evolve and change through thecenturies. [More details at the bottom of this message...]

      Saturday, June 13, 8 PM; St. Marks Lutheran Church, 1111 O'Farrell
      Saturday, June 20, 8 PM; St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 114 Montecito
      PALO ALTO:
      Sunday, June 21, 4 PM; St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 600 Colorado

      $22 General, $18 Senior, $12 Students/Group (advanced purchase)
      $28 General, $23 Senior, $16 Students/Groups (door rpice)


      "…awash in gorgeous harmonies …the choir's sound was exquisite, rich, and sensuous,
      with clear diction, beautiful phrasing, and a perfect blend …deeply beautiful and
      - Jonathan Russell, San Francisco Classical Voice; professor, SF Conservatory of Music

      "...an imaginatively-chosen, challenging, and very beautifully sung program"
      - Lisa Hirsch, San Francisco Classical Voice

      "...fervor, discernment, and tonal beauty..."
      - Anna Carol Dudley, San Francisco Classical Voice


      Nationally-recognized San Francisco Choral Artists regularly champions the work of living composers. Known for eclectic programming, the Choral Artists specialize in a cappella music, both choral masterpieces and vibrant new music. Now in its 24th season, and 14th under Artistic Director Magen Solomon, the critically-acclaimed ensemble continues to introduce new audiences to the joy and power of choral music.

      MORE ABOUT THE JUNE 2009 PROGRAM: Concert highlights include:

      - Lluvia/La Primavera, a world premiere of the latest collaboration of
      composer-in-residence Ted Allen with Oakland-based poet Lucha Corpi. This work combines the new poetry and compositions with selections of a folk song sung by 19th-century Spanish-speaking residents of California.

      - Paul Ayres' Funeral Sentences, a piece for double choir that extends and enhances Purcell's four-part setting of the Order for the Burial of the Dead with a second choir that mirrors, distorts and accompanies the original setting.

      - Selections from Missa Carminum, a folk-song mass by LA-based Paul Seiko Chihara that uses folk song as the cantus firmus, combined with Gregorian incipits.

      - Missa l'Homme on the Range, a Mark Kilstofte work that whimsically integrates the Home on the Range melody with the Agnus Dei text set in a Renaissance style.

      The concert also features the three winners of our fifth New Voices contest for composers under 30. These exciting new works are inspired by a five-part motet by Gesualdo, a Japanese children's folk song, and a line of text from a Kate Chopin novel.

      In addition to the contemporary composers, the concert features early and Renaissance music masters including Gesualdo di Venoso, Mogens Pederson, Johannes Eccard, Johann Schein, and Ludwig Senfl. Come listen to music evolve and change through the centuries. It's a whole new reason to embrace recycling!

      For more details, please visit our website, www.sfca.org
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