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  • Heather Fong
    OAKLAND JAZZ CHOIR AUDITION Looking for an ALTO and a SOPRANO Location: First Congregational Church of Oakland, 2501 Harrison, Oakland Corner of
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      Looking for an ALTO and a SOPRANO

      Location: First Congregational Church of Oakland, 2501
      Harrison, Oakland
      Corner of Harrison St. and 27th St. (Parking in the rear)

      About the Oakland Jazz Choir

      The Oakland Jazz Choir is a highly committed, select performing group
      of 14 singers led by Artistic Director Sandra Peter. OJC sings
      traditional and contemporary jazz with original arrangements. We have
      performed at Yoshis, SF Jazz Festival, Great American Music Hall,
      Bach Dynamite and Dancing Society, San Jose Jazz Festival, and the
      IAJE Convention in Long Beach.
      If you are interested
      � Call or email in advance
      (510) 652-8440
      � Check out our website: www.oaklandjazzchoir.com

      Auditioning singers
      Part I: Individuals must pass an initial interview w/ the Director
      before being provided audition material. Director will listen for
      pitch, tone, range, ability to hear and sing back melodic lines and
      rhythms, and will also review choir needs and expectations.
      Part II: If you pass Part I you will be provided with sheet music and
      a CD for learning your part to an excerpt of one of our tunes, and
      scheduled a time to return in 1-2wks. Also prepare a jazz solo piece
      to perform; (we would like you to try a corresponding scat over the
      changes). Please bring sheet music in your proper key.

      What we are looking for:
      Excellent pitch, tone/intonation, rhythm
      Strong feel for syncopation
      Solid ability to hold harmony part against 3-5 other parts without
      help from your section
      Ability to blend vocally with others (singing and listening at the
      same time)
      Vocal ensemble experience
      Sight-reading/music-reading is helpful.
      Team-focused attitude and a love for jazz
      Commit to weekly rehearsals (7:00 -10 pm) on Wednesday nights,
      private practice on your own, occasional sectional or special
      rehearsals, make time for gigs.

      OJC Basic Requirements

      STRONG Part Singing � Individuals must have the ability to hold their
      part against other parts without the buffer or assistance of fellow
      section members. Jazz chords incorporate tight, dissonant harmonies
      coupled w/ complex rhythms, which must be retained as though you were
      singing in a quartet - you won�t always be standing next to your
      part, and you are individually mic�d � excellent Pitch, Tone, Rhythm
      and Blend are paramount.

      1 Tune a Week � during the first few months, expect to be tested on 4
      tunes a month on average, with music in hand (you may be tested every
      other week or so depending on rehearsal requirements). This does NOT
      mean it needs to be memorized this quickly, just know the music
      (notes, dynamics, cutoffs, etc).

      Independent Learning � members are responsible to notate their music
      (always have a pencil) at rehearsals, and to review and memorize
      between rehearsals. If you miss a rehearsal, it is your
      responsibility to contact a fellow section member or the section
      leader to learn what you missed.

      Recorder � this is especially helpful for those who do not read and
      have no keyboard to work with at home. You will want this for your
      own part, and to hear how your part fits into the chords/progressions.

      Accept Critiquing � choral sound is only as good as its individual
      contributions. Rehearsals are spent not only fine-tuning the
      ensemble, but narrowing in on the fundamental make-up of that group
      sound � individual technique and skill. Be prepared to learn!

      Bring a Music stand and Pencil to rehearsals.

      Dues � $30 - $50/month sliding scale

      Members must read and adhere to the Membership Agreement regarding
      Preparedness and Attendance (see full Agreement for complete
      description of member expectations). Note* Although absences are
      unavoidable at times, members are limited to 2 �excused� absences per
      quarter (no unexcused absences). Beyond that, performing at gigs and
      continued participation is at the discretion of the Director.

      Play well with others :o) - OJC is a Fun, Dynamic, Mature group of
      folks who love to get together and blend, while still maintaining the
      individual�s unique contributions to the group! Blending is
      important to our sound as well as our interaction with one another
      and our audience. We love a good solo, but being a �jazz choir� is
      our primary goal, and a soloist�s greatest support.

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