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Clash of the Choirs on NBC - slightly off-topic, but it is singing

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  • Reginald Foghorn
    Here s a post from the international choir directors discussion list, ChoralTalk: Very interesting.... Paul Sinasohn ... ChoralNet provides a forum for
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2007
      Here's a post from the international choir directors' discussion list,

      Very interesting....
      Paul Sinasohn
      ChoralNet provides a forum for exchanges among choral musicians. Users
      of ChoralNet resources are responsible for the content and legality of
      their exchanges.

      Six of my close friends are participating in one of the choruses, and I have
      spoken with them every day since they have been in New York. Just thought
      I'd give some insight into what is truly happening on this show.

      -The celebrities are not teaching the music, they are simply the "face" of
      the choir. The claim: the "fully-qualified" music directors are
      behind-the-scenes actually running the rehearsals. Except that this is not
      the case. I know for a fact that 2 out of 5 choirs learned ALL of their
      music by rote, without sheet music (even though many of the choristers CAN
      read music), because their "fully-qualified" music director could not read
      -The chorus parts that were "sung" last night were pre-recorded. The
      "soloists" who sung (with mics) were live, but the choir was pre-recorded.
      They spent the entire weekend doing the pre-recordings. No one can "dance
      around" like that and keep singing at the same time. Since they are
      pre-recorded, you better bet that the balance, tuning, timing, anything they
      needed fixed was altered by sound equipment.
      -These guys are rehearsing like DOGS. Their call is often early in the
      morning (they get breakfast on their own), they are fed lunch at 3 pm, and
      they are not finished until 8 or 9. No one has ever mentioned "marking" or
      saving your voice, or any type of good vocal production. This is probably
      because no one has any knowledge of vocal health, or they just don't care.
      -One of the producers of this show produced a similar "Clash of the Choirs"
      show with the BBC Network. In England, this show took standing choirs, and
      they competed with the viewers voting for their favorite choir. It was
      legit, they performed classical choir music.

      As I was complaining about all of the problems with the show, my friend said
      that he is trying to focus on the fact that they are competing for charity.
      I quote from him (a fellow music educator), "I'm tired, and don't really
      like what we're doing, or the music we're singing, but I want to win because
      if we do, we will be helping a lot of people. By participating in this, I'm
      not advocating poor singing or pop music, but I can help more people by
      participating in this than I ever could alone." This changed by outlook of
      the whole competition--I'm trying to look at the bright side.

      Regardless of whatever happens, we have to remember that these are NOT real
      choirs, these are NOT real directors, and this is NOT "real" TV. However it
      affects our programs, we will have to teach around it.

      Anonymous Insider

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