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    This is the eGroups.com service. You have been added to the ba-acappella@postofc.corp.sgi.com group by the group s moderator: ... Yo, ba-acappella! It s time
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 1999
      This is the eGroups.com service.

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      Yo, ba-acappella!

      It's time to move from our home at SGI to a new home at egroups.com. You have been subscribed to the ba-acappella list at egroups.com. The old list will be around for a little while, but please start using the new one immediately.

      We're changing for a number of reasons, but principally because of changes happening at SGI and to take advantage of next-generation features of mailing list communities (egroups.com, topica.com, and onelist.com are three of the main competitors in this space).

      Some changes & additions:

      * new email address: ba-acappella@egroups.com
      * email archives (archived at egroups.com since 4/98)
      * significantly reduced list administration for me (e.g., handling stale email addresses)
      * a rich set of other features for our community, which may be fun to explore, such as chat, voice chat, shared files & web links, etc.

      The use of eGroups comes with footnote ads in the messages, which most people find palatable. I would like to find an a cappella-based sponsor so we can keep the ads relevant to us. If you or someone you know is interested in this, please contact me.

      One other significant change I want to try is turning off moderation. On behalf of the whole community, I want to thank Ping Huang for his fabulous contribution as moderator of the list over the last year or two. His efforts and editorial additions have been terrific.

      We turned on moderation at a time when the list software at SGI was pretty wide open to spam. These days, you have to be subscribed to a forum in order to post a message to it, so that weeds out much of the spam we would otherwise see. We may turn the moderation back on, if it doesn't work for us but let's try leaving it off for now. Please let me know if and when you have strong feelings about this.

      Enjoy the new features and as Phil DeBar likes to say, Keep Singin'!



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