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Review: Kinsey Sick's ongoing S.F. acappella show "The Balled Soprano"

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  • Paul Sinasohn
    On Saturday night, my wife and I saw The Balled Soprano , the current review preformed by The Kinsey Sicks, an acappella quartet based in S.F. BACKGROUND The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 1998
      On Saturday night, my wife and I saw "The Balled Soprano", the current
      review preformed by The Kinsey Sicks, an acappella quartet based in S.F.

      The group has been together for about four years, has one CD out (it's
      a hoot) and has accomplished a LOT for a group which is not a
      full-time endeavor (all the members have high-powered day jobs).

      THE SHOW
      I have not laughed so hard in YEARS. :-D We loved the show.

      From the moment the group takes the stage, you are treated to a show
      full of great harmony, great schtick, and wicked humor. They call
      themselves a beauty shop quartet, but Sweet Adelines it isn't. This is
      a quartet in drag, and it is super! They look great, and sound even

      The songs, from the original opening number (one of those "I never
      want to see your face again" end-of-relationship songs -- sung to
      their non-drag pictures) to the gorgeous anthem-style arrangement of a
      Billy Taylor song ("I want to be free" I think) that is the final
      encore, capture your ears and hold your attention by great singing
      (none of the group has ever had vocal training!) There are some
      wonderful original arrangements, in a variety of styles, that further
      show off the talents of the members of the group.

      In between songs, you are treated to more wonderfully bad puns than I
      though was legal in one place at one time. (I think the pig will be
      with me forever.) There is lots of audience interaction, which adds to
      the fun in this small (120-seat) venue. Whether or not you understand
      all the humor (a little of it is very thematic) you will enjoy the

      UNLESS - there's always an unless - IF you are a very conservative
      person, or are not comfortable with gay humor or drag, you may not
      enjoy the show. This show is not for pre-teens. BUT, think of it this
      way - if you are OK with the latest CD from The Bobs, you'll be fine.

      I highly recommend this show.

      Tickets are $20, and is worth every penny. It is about 2.25 hours
      long, with an intermission. I'll be going back with friends, probably
      on June 19th. Maybe it could be an acappella audience....

      The show is playing at the New Conservatory Theater Center space at 25
      Van Ness Ave in SF (near Market) - the old Zephyr theater, 7:30 pm
      Fridays and Saturdays until June 26. 415-861-8972 "to express
      reservations" (that's what's on the website).

      For complete details, check the website at http://members.aol.com/ksicks

      Paul Sinasohn sinasohn@... SF Native CAL '80
      Editor, Academic Computers Magazine CASA Arrangements Librarian
      Bass & Business manager: PRESS ANY KEY - Acappella At Your Fingertips
      Motto: There's a fine line between a groove and a rut!! Member, AAG

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