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Re: Uniform Questions

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  • Barry
    In several fo the groups I have directed, there have been women (sometimes of the lesbian persuasian) who do do not wish to wear dresses. This can be a
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 10, 2007
      In several fo the groups I have directed, there have been women
      (sometimes of the lesbian persuasian) who do do not wish to wear
      dresses. This can be a difficult and sensitive subject, and must be
      handled with care. As a director, I always had an idea in mind, or
      maybe one or two, and then, as the group discussesd the issue, I was
      quick to agree with the idea that conformed most closely to my
      original concept! That being said, I think you have to think of what
      would appeal (or be the least noticable) to the audience. If the rest
      of the women were in black skirts, one woman wearing the same blouse
      but black pants would problably not stand out too much.

      There are many on-line vendors selling tuxes, some for $100 or under.
      What we had with one chamber choir I directed was black pants for the
      men, and black coats. It so happened that everyone had a tux coat. We
      added gold bowties and gold cumberbunds. For the ladies, white
      blouses and straight black skirts, with a gold sash belt which
      matched the cumberbunds. One of the choir ladies sewed them. I let
      the ladies decide the skirt stlye amongst themselves. One pointer,
      though. Be sure all the skirts are the same height off the floor
      (measured with the shoes they will wwear to the performance). I also
      required a fukll dress rehearsla 1 week before the concert. This
      helped to insure that everone would have their uniform correct and
      complete at the concert (Note: Always cary a few spare accessories

      As far as cost, if your group has a positive cash flow (which I never
      had!) then each member paid for their own. We tried to keep it to
      things everyone would have in their closet. A white shirt or blouse,
      even a tux coat sometimes, can be picked up from a thrift store, and
      will look fine on stage. I believe the mens' bow ties and cuberbunds
      were $15-20 and the girls sashes were $5 in material cost.

      Good luck!
      --- In ba-acappella@yahoogroups.com, Scott Adler <scott@...> wrote:
      > This is a really tough one!
      > 1. Options:
      > I think as a group you have to decide how much you are going for
      > _uniform_. Are you requiring everyone to exactly match, or are you
      > looking to set up guidelines?
      > A lot depends on your group and the personalities. I've been in
      > where we all wore tuxes/dresses and they were specific - exact
      > and colors.
      > I've seen many groups pull off a black/white/gray look where
      > can pick things that flatter them. Like a wedding party - it is
      > difficult to find one dress that fits all body types. If you go
      > guidelines, you may have better luck, but you do need to make sure
      > that you have specific issues ironed out in advance - what is
      > acceptable, how you decide, etc. For men you have to decide if you
      > going to allow tails vs regular. Bowties vs regual ties. Vests, etc.
      > If you go for the second option, you are also asking people to put
      > a little more time in finding something, but also allows people to
      > something that they may already have.
      > 2. Tuxes:
      > Check the rental companies, they typically will have good deals on
      > tuxedos for sale.
      > 3. Cost
      > The biggest issue here is turnover and ownership. If the group
      > for all the outfits, does the group own them? What happens when
      > someone leaves, or you add new members? Getting this in writing
      > everyone out so that there are no hard feelings when someone leaves
      > is added.
      > Personally if you are doing a full fledged uniform look, I think
      > group should cover most if not all of it. That way you can have
      > expectation that these items are going to be only used for concert
      > wear, and always be in good shape.
      > If you are doing a style/look I'd suggest doing a group stipend
      > people to use as they see fit. Enough to cover a sensible option
      > you've all decided on, but if you happen to use something from
      > own wardrobe you can use the money on something else.
      > -Scott
      > On Sep 9, 2007, at 12:57 PM, Mark Penn wrote:
      > > Hello Group: Our little ensemble, Cantiamo Sonoma, is going to
      > > next
      > > level in terms of uniforms. We have decided to formalize the
      > > and go
      > > with tuxes and floor-length dresses. But, of course, there are
      > > many
      > > subjects that throw a group into turmoil more than what to
      > > I'd like
      > > to get a few ideas from this group, rather than re-invent the
      > > here.
      > > Any thoughts and/or experience you have on the following
      > > will be
      > > greatly appreciated:
      > >
      > > 1. Options - We have at least one or two women who absolutely
      > > the
      > > thought of dresses, even more so of formal dresses. One of them
      > > willing
      > > to wear a tux, but I'm not sure we like that option either -
      > > me as
      > > too distracting. Does any group have a third option available
      > > their
      > > singers - something that appears somewhat formal but does not
      > > necessarily
      > > fall into the same definition as a ladies' "dress"?
      > >
      > > 2. Tuxes - I've found several possibilities, but does anyone have
      > > experience (good or bad) with a particular company?
      > >
      > > 3. Cost - In your groups, who pays for what?
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Anything else anyone wants to share would be most welcome.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Thanks.
      > >
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