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Basses needed!

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  • Eduardo Mendelievich
    CREATIVE VOICES has all the usual things you want in a choir - confident singing, good tuning and balance, and a focused sound. They add to that high
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2007
      "CREATIVE VOICES has all the usual things you want in a choir -
      confident singing, good tuning and balance, and a focused sound. They
      add to that high standards, attention to detail, and even more rare,
      a PASSION that sets them head and shoulders above the crowd". -Mickey
      Butts, San Francisco Classical Voice.

      Creative Voices enters its 7th year of thrilling history with great
      news for singers! We are now offering a small compensation for
      rehearsals, $25 per regular rehearsal (set of 10 per concert season)
      and a warm, loving group of people who get the highest kick out of
      performing with accuracy, steadiness and passion. Come sing with us!

      Our fall '07 concert season will bring you music by Polish-composer
      Heinrick Górecki, plus rarely performed compositions by our already
      featured composers Arvo Pärt and John Tavener. In the winter you will
      have the chance to sing the unique "Friede auf Erden" (Peace on
      Earth), one of the last tonal compositions by German-composer Arnold
      Schönberg, plus religious music by Max Reger and Felix Mendelsohn.
      Spring '08 brings you music by American novel composer Eric Withacre
      and minimalist composers Terry Riley and Meredith Monk, plus original
      music by Argentinean-composer and arranger Javier Zentner. There will
      be small ensemble and solo opportunities throughout the year, and a
      selected group of singers will also get to perform our hallmark
      repertoire, tango scat!

      We are looking for vocal personalities that have a lot to say, with
      voices that are on the bigger side and healthy. Immaculate sight
      reading skills are always a plus, although a great sense of pitch and
      strong musicality might also do the job, sometimes better. Creative
      Voices will provide you with a safe place to express yourself at
      every rehearsal and concert. Creative Voices brings you the privilege
      of a novel music-making experience and is a steady artistic
      organization that will match your outstanding qualities as a person
      and as a singer. Creative Voices 07-08 will be a strictly 24-singer
      chamber ensemble of a caliber to reckon with. Let your voice be heard!

      We still have openings in the second bass section.

      Our 15-minute audition consists of: Scales to demonstrate your range,
      and an aural/sight reading skills combined exercise. A 2-minute
      excerpt of a solo piece is highly encouraged. Sorry, we don't provide
      an accompanist.

      Preference will be given to singers in the indicated parts and to
      those who have extensive choral music experience. Having performed
      contemporary choral music before or small ensemble experience are a

      Creative Voices' 2007-2008 schedule at a glance: Regular rehearsals
      on Tuesdays, 7-10 in San Francisco (Civic Center). Retreat, dress
      rehearsal and concert schedule: Fall season: retreat: Nov. 10 /
      dress: Nov. 13 / concerts: Nov. 17, 18 dec. 1 &2 Winter season:
      retreat: March 15 / dress: March 18 / concerts: March 22, 24, 29 & 30
      Spring season: retreat: June 14 / dress: june 17 / concerts: june 21,
      22, 28 & 29

      To apply, please call or email us ASAP!


      Thank you!

      Creative Voices

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