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San Francisco Harmony Update

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  • Eric Liwanag, San Francisco Harmony
    I thought I d send ba-acapella an update on the progress of San Francisco Harmony, UHM s San Francisco local community a cappella group (for adults) San
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 1999
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      I thought I'd send ba-acapella an update on the progress of San
      Francisco Harmony, UHM's San Francisco local community a cappella
      group (for adults)

      San Francisco Harmony continues to hold rehearsals every Monday night
      at the YWCA Apartments on 940 Powell St (between Sacramento and Clay
      Streets) from 7:00 to 9:00 PM in the Ruth Kadish Lounge. Tell your
      friends :-)

      San Francisco Harmony Rehearsal
      Monday Evenings 7PM - 9PM
      YWCA Apts (The Ruth Kadish Lounge)
      940 Powell St. (Between Sacramento and Clay)
      San Francisco, CA

      San Francisco Harmony has come a long way over the last 4+ months, we
      have steadily been holding rehearsals every Monday night since
      March. Just about every Monday, one or two new faces join us (or
      re-join us) to rehearse.

      We welcome everyone who has a desire to participate. Since our first
      rehearsal in March, we've had over 40 attendees at our Monday night
      practices. Although never ALL on the same night, it continues to be
      one of CASA's goals to grow our humble chorus to a grand chorus of
      this scale.

      On past Monday nights we've sung dozens of songs either using prepared
      arrangements or improvising them. I can pretentiously say that our
      active song repertoire now spans 4 decades of music from 3
      continents. (And I write this with tongue firmly planted in
      cheek). Our repertoire is continually expanding.

      If you have friends or acquaintances in the SF Bay Area who enjoy
      singing and are free Monday nights, please pass this message along. We
      sing; we have fun. All are welcome. There are no auditions. There is
      no fee. Did I mention that I bring bottled water every week? :-) Get

      San Francisco Harmony is a project of the Urban Harmony Movement (UHM)
      and a program of The Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA)

      For more info, contact me or:

      Susie Martin, UHM Programs Director (uhm@...)
      Deke Sharon, CASA President (CASAWorld@...)

      or point your web browsers to:
      http://www.shore.net/~ericl/play/gigs.htm (Info about SF Harmony)
      http://www.casa.org/uhm.html (Info about UHM)
      http://www.casa.org (Info about CASA)

      Eric J. Liwanag ericl at shore dot net
      Music Director San Francisco Harmony
      community a cappella - a CASA/UHM Program

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