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To Men Who Want To Sing Better

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  • Charles Thompson
    To Men Who Want To Sing Better Would you like to sing better? Maybe you sing in the car, the shower, with your church or possibly in a local ensemble or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2007
      To Men Who Want To Sing Better

      Would you like to sing better? Maybe you sing in the car, the shower, with
      your church or possibly in a local ensemble or community musical. Regardless
      of where you vocalize, the fact is the vast majority of men have never had
      formal training. If you want to get better where do you go? What do you do?
      The Peninsulaires Men's Barbershop Chorus is offering a solution - for free!

      Every Tuesday evening in August - at their regular rehearsal - Paul Eastman,
      Vice President of Music and Performance for The Peninsulaires and 42 year
      member of the Barbershop Harmony Society, will conduct a series of free
      educational sessions that focus on improving vocal quality. You are welcome
      to attend any or all of the lessons. As part of these "hands on" sessions
      you will sing with The Peninsulaires during their rehearsal and immediately
      use what you learn.

      The venue is The First United Methodist Church of Sunnyvale at 550 Old San
      Francisco Road (just West of Fair Oaks) in Sunnyvale. Rehearsal begins at
      7:30 PM. The topics are:

      August 7 - Chord Vocabulary - Barbershop Harmony is a unique sound that is
      built around specific chord structures. This session will define those
      structures and explain what makes them unique among vocal styles.

      August 14 - You Say "Po-tah-toe" And I Say "Po-tay-toe" - Ninety percent of
      the time barbershop style music has all voice parts singing the same words
      at the same time. This session will demonstrate and explain the impact on
      the quality of sound if every singer is pronouncing every word in exactly
      the same way (which is not what happens with most choral groups).

      August 21 - Resonance Production - The human throat and skull are phenomenal
      resonance chambers. The best singers understand how to use the five distinct
      chambers to enhance tonal quality, adjust the volume of sound (as opposed to
      loudness), and increase brightness so as to generate overtones.

      August 28 - Why Your Piano Is Out of Tune - The human voice is more like a
      violin than a piano. It can adjust pitch on an infinite scale. Consequently
      very subtle changes in pitch make a huge difference to the sound of an a
      cappella chord. This session will demonstrate how and why barbershoppers
      make subtle adjustments to pitch to create those ringing chords.

      For 60 years The Peninsulaires have been sharing the joy of barbershop
      harmony at their annual cabaret dinner show, ice cream social and theatrical
      production events. In addition, the full 30-man chorus and/or chapter
      quartets perform regularly at community events, local charity functions and
      private parties. Their weekly rehearsals are open to the public. For more
      information visit their website www.thepeninsulaires.org, call 650-618-8600
      or e-mail info@....
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