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performance venues list -- so far

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  • Michael Olivier
    Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the performance venues/resources compilation. Below is what we ve got so far. I know there are more people out
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 1999
      Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the performance
      venues/resources compilation. Below is what we've got so far. I know
      there are more people out there with great ideas, suggestions, etc, to
      get into this thing so please drop me a quick email!

      Haven't you ever found a great plaza or cafe to draw a crowd? Live in
      the North Bay? We're very thin on north bay resources. Also we need
      tips for Fremont/Milpitas area, and the Peninsula. And more from
      everywhere else...

      This should help established groups as well as visiting tribes. Our
      first out-of-town guinea pigs are an Arizona group called Catacoustic
      Groove, who are coming into the area in a few weeks. CG just won
      `Best A Cappella/Vocal Ensemble' in the TAMMIES (Tucson Area Music
      Awards). Keep an eye out -- they promised to let us know where
      they'll pop up.



      General Resources

      Open mic shows are a great place for an informal performance. Have a look
      at The Bay Area Open Mic Calendar (http://www.merde.org/calendar/).

      Phil DeBar's Human Voice Show: all groups are welcome to sing on
      Phil's shows, to publicize gigs, record releases, etc. KKUP is heard
      well from Redwood City and Oakland south to San Jose, Salinas, and
      Santa Cruz/Monterey. Contact Phil DeBar: phil_debar@..., (707)
      544-8738. [Note: A special opportunity on October 15, a Friday
      afternoon from 3-6 pm (peak drive time - when people are actually
      awake) - there will be a special edition of the Human Voice Show -
      let's fill the entire slot (except for inevitable pledge breaks to pay
      the rent) with a cappella!!! Let Phil know if you and your group want
      to be radio stars!

      San Francisco

      Farley's Coffee house: Vocal-friendly open mic night on the third
      Wednesday of every month. Advanced signups, but there's usually room
      for walk-ins if you come early. 8-10 PM. It's a great crowd, and is a
      good place to make connections, even for reasonably well-established
      groups. http://www.frankes.com/openmic.htm

      Union Square in SF is a crowded area with a lot of tourists, but it's
      unclear how the police respond to public performances. (Anyone know?)

      The Laurel Shopping Center in Presidio Heights has a wonderfully
      reverberating central tunnel. Foot traffic is moderate on weekends and
      the security guards are reported to have been very friendly to a capp

      South Bay

      San Jose

      Espresso Garden: great open mic and gigging venue.

      Jazzy Java, a little coffee shop near 85 & Cottle. They have a
      performance every once in a while.

      Palo Alto

      Border's Books is a great place to perform. They often have guest
      singers. Some groups have drawn huge crowds, as many of the
      University-Ave-street-strollers stop by.

      Stanford University frequent performances by college groups.

      Streetcorner Singing Lytton Plaza, outside of Burger King, is a good
      spot to draw a small crowd, esp. in the summer. Weekend nights
      typically see a lot of foot traffic, and being near Stanford the crowd
      is young and lively.

      Mountain View

      Jumpin' Java, cafe on Castro Street, has had a cappella performers
      (call ahead).

      East Bay


      Freight & Salvage Folk Coffee house, very nice venue, maybe ~400
      seats. Variety of music, including folks, bluegrass. Major local a
      cappella groups perform there on a regular basis.

      Ben and Jerry's on Oxford (just below UC Berkeley campus) - informal.
      Drop by and ask permission. If people mention they are there for you,
      you get some portion of the profits. They also have nights where they
      do fund raisers.

      Pasqua Cafe on Center near Oxford - informal. DeCadence reports that
      Pasqua let them put out a `hat' for donations.

      Streetcorner Singing
      - UC Berkeley's Sproul Plaza is a great place for an impromptu set.
      At Bancroft and Telegraph.
      - Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley - can be very noisy, but is crowded and
      welcoming to street music

      Coordinices (sp?) Park at Euclid and Eunice has a great tunnel for
      singing, though this is more of a `for us' performing venue. It's at
      least 50' long, running under Euclid, with the entrance viewable from
      the basketball court.

      Emeryville (right next to Berkeley)

      Border's Books will consider a cappella. Venue not as great as Palo
      Alto, but you can get a good crowd. Acoustics bad if you sing indoors

      Walnut Creek

      Broadway Plaza Shopping Center. The Center is outdoors, with
      walkthrough plazas. Michael Barkley reports of his old barbershop
      group's impromptu show: `the people loved us. Eventually the person in
      charge of signing up such talent for the Center approached us and
      thanked us for our efforts and invited us back whenever we wish.'

      Santa Cruz and South

      Kuumbwa Jazz Center: not cheap and often must be booked well in
      advance, but it's a great spot with a good sound system.

      Poet and Patriot - open Mic Saturdays 4-7.

      Places that might be open to a cappella shows:
      - The Crepe Place - late night and Sunday brunch live music
      - Rosie McCann's Irish Pub and Restaurant - nightly live music
      - So Say We - acoustic only and not if there is a performance in the
      Dance Gallery that they share space with.
      - Moe's Alley - Blues bar
      - The Ugly Mug - coffee house

      Mobo Sushi - very small stage, bring your own sound system, very bad
      acoustics, but live music almost every night of the week!

      Streetcorner Singing:
      - Anywhere on Pacific Garden Mall
      - The Boardwalk
      - Municipal Wharf - has a stage area


      Streetcorner Singing:
      - Capitola Mall also has entertainment on weekends, especially in December
      - Capitola Village - Art and Wine Festival


      Don Quixote - Mexican restaurant

      Ben Lomand

      Henfling's Firehouse Tavern


      Dvora Yanow runs a series (mostly folk) in San Jose, and they once
      hired Artisan. They have an email mailing list and may be interested
      in doing other a cappella shows. Contact: DYanow@...

      The Bay Area A Cappella E-Mailing List
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