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2 Male Vocalists Wanted ASAP: Paid Positions

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  • Blue Jupiter
    2 Male Vocalists Wanted: Paid Positions ASAP Contact: booking@bluejupiter.com 1-888-GO-2-JUPE Blue Jupiter, a professional, internationally touring a
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      2 Male Vocalists Wanted: Paid Positions ASAP
      Contact: booking@... 1-888-GO-2-JUPE

      Blue Jupiter, a professional, internationally touring a cappella
      group based in New York City announces immediate openings for (1)
      Tenor and (1) Bass vocalist.

      Male Tenor Vocalist: Age 22-32
      This position is not about high notes; it�s about skills and
      personality. You are charismatic, funny, and personable onstage and
      off. You have kung-fu master level musical skills as both a pop
      soloist and a back-up. You learn challenging, dissonant musical parts
      with deadly accuracy and without breaking a sweat. You bring passion,
      creativity, flexibility and constantly positive energy not only to
      shows, but also to rehearsals, travel, mundane tasks like equipment
      set-up and data entry and shared down-time. Arranging, composing,
      theory, vocal percussion, sight-reading, invisibility and heat vision
      all pluses, but not required.

      Male Bass Vocalist: Age 22-32
      Range ideally extends below a low D, but smaller ranges will be
      considered. You have outstanding rhythm and groove, some vocal
      percussion skills, and command of basic theory. You are the bass in
      a pop/rock band. Must have the same positive energy and musical
      skills required of the Tenor Position, however though invisibility is
      optional, heat vision is required. Please be prepared to demonstrate
      at auditions.

      Applicants can email Blue Jupiter at booking@... or call
      Please send a bio or resume, photo, audio samples, and any video
      clips you may have, ASAP.

      Blue Jupiter Bio:
      Blue Jupiter continues to redefine popular music, combining their a
      cappella influences of beatbox and harmony with edgy pop arrangements
      and high energy performances. This year Blue Jupiter has appeared on
      VH1�s Save the Music, Oprah, and several charity events- including
      the American Cancer Society, The Red Cross, Braking the Cycle, and
      others. The group expanded their international notoriety after
      winning the �Oreo and Milk Jingle Contest� hosted by American Idol
      Judge Randy Jackson. After winning �Audience Favorite� and �Best
      Arrangement� at the Harmony Sweepstakes two years in a row and
      returning from an international tour to Hong Kong, Blue Jupiter is
      excited to continue building their reputation as �one of the most
      exciting, entertaining vocal bands in the country.�

      Contact: booking@... 1-888-GO-2-JUPE

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