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FW: Porgy and Bess solo auditions in SF Bay Area

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  • Paul Sinasohn
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      Subject: Porgy and Bess solo auditions in SF Bay Area

      Announcing Solo Auditions

      For Redwood Symphony's complete concert performances of

      Gershwin's Porgy and Bess

      With multiracial casting: while staged performances are required by
      the publisher to use an all-black cast, there is no such restriction
      for a concert performance (without costumes, scenery or action.) We
      encourage singers of all races to audition. Cast members must be good
      music readers, and responsible for learning their roles before
      rehearsals begin. The performances may be done with your music on a

      Performances will be on Saturday evening, April 15 and Sunday
      afternoon, April 16 at Canada College in Redwood City. (2nd
      performance is optional, but very probable.) The chorus will be the
      Peninsula Cantare (call 306-3319 for chorus info.) As this work has
      not been done in the Bay Area for a long time, we expect a great deal
      of interest in this production.

      The auditions will take place at Canada College Main Theatre in
      Redwood City on Saturday, October 16 from 10 to 5. An accompanist
      will be provided. Below are the principal parts:

      Porgy: bass-baritone
      Bess: soprano
      Crown: baritone
      Sportin' Life: tenor
      Serena: soprano
      Maria: mezzo
      Peter/Mingo: tenor
      Robbins/Nelson: tenor
      Jake: baritone
      Jim: baritone or bass
      (Other small roles will be given to chorus members.)

      To arrange an audition, call Music Director Eric Kujawsky at
      650-366-6872 or email him at MaestroEK@.... You will be mailed an
      application, to be returned with resume and photo (no tapes
      please). Applicants will be notified well in advance whether they will
      be auditioned, and for what time. Those selected will be mailed
      excerpts from the opera for the audition. An accompanist will be

      Rehearsals will be at Canada College on Wednesday nights from 7 to 10,
      beginning March 1. Soloists will be paid modestly. Redwood Symphony
      performances are reviewed by the San Mateo County Times and the
      Redwood City Tribune.

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