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Double-Band Extravaganza This Sunday...

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  • Michael Smolens
    Double-Band Extravaganza: the KRIYA Octet meets THE MIRABAI ENSEMBLE March 5th, 2006, Sunday 4:30pm Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society (right on the beach in Half
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2006
      Double-Band Extravaganza: the KRIYA Octet

      March 5th, 2006, Sunday 4:30pm
      Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society (right on the beach in
      Half Moon Bay)
      venue contact: (650)726-4143
      admission: $25

      Set One: KRIYA Octet
      Set Two: MIRABAI ENSEMBLE alone, then joined by the
      KRIYA Octet

      THE MIRABAI ENSEMBLE is a groundbreaking ten-person vocal group that
      features a remarkable range of repertoire and improvisational styles.
      a group that can sing with the transparent, vibrato-less sound of a
      early music group, and then effortlessly shift into extended vocal
      such as vocal percussion, instrumental imitation, and overtone singing.
      sound blends perfectly with their instrumentalist accompanists where
      seemlessly appear out of the group.

      David Worm ("SoVoSo"/Bobby McFerrin)
      Bryan Dyer ("Slammin'"/"SoVoSo")
      Eric Freeman ("Clockwork"/Meredith Monk)
      Michael Smolens (Rhiannon/Claudia Schmidt)
      Pollyanna Bush (Meredith Monk)
      Becca Burrington ("Solstice"/Meredith Monk)
      Joan Ivazes (Glide Memorial Church)
      Carmen Marie ("The Sound Believers")
      Valentina Osinki ("Screaming Divas"/New York City Opera)
      Dara Roberts (Vernon Bush)

      The group's vocal repertoire by composer/arranger Michael Smolens:

      "Ze-Um Be Al-li-ah" - brings together the styles of Middle Eastern,
      Pakistani, and Western plainchant with extended jazz harmony, odd-time
      art rock, and solo dance improvisation for an a capella tour de force.

      "Jaco" - a dazzling vocal feature that summons the spirit of the
      bassist Jaco Pastorius in which fretless electric bass, drum set, and
      percussion are vocalized a cappella by three of our men.

      "Three Phases Of The Moon" - a riveting story of three women's struggle
      to find peace and clarity that echos the passion of Stephen Sondheim's
      works, accompanied by classical guitar, vibes, and acoustic bass.

      "For No One" - a complete recasting of the Beatles' classic that shifts
      back and forth between funk, tango, and son montunuo feels--watch as
      our three men lament on the subject of modern romantic meltdowns.

      "Sweet As The Breath Of Eden" - a 20-minute gospel suite extravaganza,
      moving the listener through hushed a cappella sections, wailin' hip-hop
      counterpoint, and surges of sound that come from 19 musicians giving it
      their all.


      The dynamic jazz octet KRIYA captivates audiences everywhere with their
      soul-stirring compositions, creating vivid and ever changing musical
      Listeners are treated to styles and influences ranging from swung, modal
      and ECM-styles to Latin and West African strains.

      The KRIYA personnel includes some of the most creative and accomplished
      players in Norther California:

      Alan Hall--drums, West African djun djuns
      Brian Rice--percussion
      Fred Randolph--acoustic and fretless electric bass
      Mike Olmos--trumpet and flugelhorn
      John Gove--trombone
      Gene Burkert--soprano, alto, & tenor saxes, piccolo, c & alto flutes,
      bass clarinet
      Alex Murzyn--soprano, alto, and tenor saxes, c and alto flutes, bass
      Michael Smolens--piano, voice, West African balafon, alto flute

      with Special Guests:
      Prince Joni Haastrup--West African 'talking drum' and vocals
      Shan Denner--classical and electric guitarist


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