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SF Bay Area - Cantabile Youth Singers Concert

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  • Sonja Wohlgemuth
    For Press Information: Sonja Wohlgemuth Tel: 650-424-1410 Fax 650-424-1430 Sonja@cantabile.org For Immediate Release - May 13, 2005 Elena Sharkova Leads
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      For Press Information:
      Sonja Wohlgemuth
      Tel: 650-424-1410
      Fax 650-424-1430

      For Immediate Release - May 13, 2005

      Elena Sharkova Leads Cantabile Youth Singers in "Where the Music Takes Us"
      June 10 and 12, 2005 Le Petit Trianon, San Jose

      What: Artistic Director, Elena Sharkova leads the Cantabile Youth Singers
      in their final season programs "Where the Music Takes Us" on both June 10
      and 12 at Le Petit Trianon in San Jose.

      June 10, 2005 program will feature CYS Preparatory and Intermediate Choirs
      with a special guest appearance from our Tour Choir. June 12, 2005 program
      will feature CYS Concert and Chamber Choirs and Tour Choir. Repertoire will
      focus on where music takes a person, both figuratively and literally.

      Maestra Sharkova feels that "by singing music of different people and
      different lands, we feel rhythms, taste languages, soak in the harmonies and
      experience many cultures. Music helps us realize the power and beauty in
      diversity, connecting us with each other and the world beyond."

      The focus of these programs is to educate our young singers and audience
      that music is a part of our shared experience as Americans-it illuminates
      our history, connects us in a shared present and helps us to understand each
      other for a better future. Experiencing the music produced during our
      country's rich history, as well as the music of world cultures, helps our
      youth to see the world with more tolerant and compassionate hearts and a
      wider perspective on how their thoughts and actions affect those around

      Repertoire for Preparatory and Intermediate choirs will include American
      musical styles, Native American songs, folk tunes based on nursery rhymes,
      spirituals and jazz.

      Concert and Chamber choirs together are singing 6 numbers, all of which are
      from the mass choir repertoire for their Carnegie Hall tour, June 24-27.
      These 6 selections cover a huge territory. From Baroque England (Purcell)
      and the echoes of that era in James Mullholand setting of Mary Queen of
      Scots' poem to the sunny shores of Cuba where they dance pambiche (El
      Pambiche Lento). A folk song from Russia is back to back with a new age
      arrangement of a Norwegian South Sami people song performed in the folk
      style of yoik.

      Chamber choir will perform the exquisite "5 Hebrew Songs" by a young
      American composer Eric Whitacre. The set is sung in Hebrew and has unique
      and intricate Middle Eastern melodies. The vocal lines are interwoven with
      melodies of a solo violin.

      The 45-member Tour choir will perform a 20 min set in which they are also
      preparing for their solo performance at Carnegie Hall. This exciting and
      eclectic set will feature a haunting melody from Carmina Burana, an
      arrangement of an Argentinean tango, the soulful spiritual "My Lord what a
      morning" and a jazz piece that will have your feet tapping! Baroque or
      Classical, Jazz or Spiritual, Latin American or European, these singers are
      at home in every style!

      This is Prof. Sharkova's first season as Artistic Director, having taken
      over from founding director Signe Boyer, who retired in 2004. "I am
      delighted to be working with the accomplished, dedicated, and talented
      Cantabile singers. It is a great opportunity to enhance young singers' lives
      and share their talents with appreciative audiences."

      Prof. Sharkova began her career working with children in St. Petersburg,
      Russia, and Cantabile has taken her back to her musical roots. "Children are
      a special cosmos of joy, creativity, talent, and emotion, and I find great
      rewards in helping them find their voices within."

      Cantabile Youth Singers is part of the Cantabile Choral Guild and the
      Foothill College Performing Arts Alliance and welcomes dedicated singers
      ages 6-18. Auditions are held June 20 and 21 by appointment for fall season
      and kids are also invited to join Cantabile's Summer Music Day Camp August

      Who: Elena Sharkova, Artistic Director
      Shane Troll, Intermediate Choir Director
      Keri Elser, Preparatory Choir Director
      Cantabile Youth Singers

      When: Friday, June 10 and Sunday, June 12 at 7:00pm

      Where: Le Petit Trianon, 72 North 5th Street, San Jose

      Tickets: June 10, $12 and $6
      June 12, $25 (includes reception and fundraising event after
      Call 650-424-1410

      Further Information: Call 650-424-1410, email info@... or visit


      Sonja Wohlgemuth, Executive Director
      Cantabile Choral Guild (formerly Baroque Choral Guild)
      Cantabile Chorale (adult chorus)
      Cantabile Youth Singers
      953 Industrial Ave, Suite 118
      Palo Alto, CA 94303
      650-424-1410 Phone
      650-424-1430 Fax

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